What LOST means to us!

Jacob’s Cabin proudly presents: What LOST means to us, a special edition episode of the podcast! Get ready for over an hour and a half of Lost fans, podcast listeners, and podcasters pouring their hearts out about Lost–what it means to them, how they got hooked on the show, how they got started podcasting, what the Lost community means to them…

Thanks so much to everyone who participated! A million thanks to you all; you made this episode awesome!

In order of appearance:

Matt from the Keys to Lost podcast
Wayne from LOSTcasting with Wayne and Dan
Donald from Donald is Lost
the JDman
Karen and Anil from The ODI Lost podcast, The ODI, and Karen’s Lost Notebook
Ryan and Jen from The Transmission
Cliff from the GSPN Lost podcast
Alex from Alex’s Hiatus Cast
Nancy Drew from Lostaholics, The Black Rock, and the Lostaholics Rewatching Lost podcast
Children of Nancy Drew
Jed and Cara from LOSTies with Jed and Cara
Matteo from MKLost
Mr. Bill from the Behind the Cutting Edge Lost podcast
Heath from the Lost Revisited Now podcast
Ms. Wendy from the Lost Revisited Now podcast and the It’s About Bunnies blog
Erik from Lost Chatter
Jay and Jack from the Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack
Matt from The Smoke Hatch
Denise from Jacob’s Cabin
Anna from Jacob’s Cabin

Run time 1:41
Download the mp3



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14 responses to “What LOST means to us!

  1. Awesome. Epic. Great work. Sure, “LOST” is just a TV show. But its fans make it so much more. Glad to be a part of this wonderful portrait of the fan community!

  2. annainindiana

    Thanks, Ryan! This was a fun episode to put together. 🙂

  3. Anna and Denise! Just listened to the cast. What a beautifully put together show! A wonderful idea and so many fantastic stories. Thanks so much for presenting this to all of us!


  4. CharlotteLewis

    I recognized Donald, but who are the rest of these guys? what an ace show Anna!

  5. Hi Ladies,

    This is such an honor to be a part of. It is wonderful to learn more about the special people in the LOST community.
    This show is very special, indeed.
    What it gives us beyond the pure “entertainment factor” is truly amazing.
    I will always feel one of the coolest parts of this LOST experience is that it brought all of us together.

    Thank you again!

  6. Just listened to the podcast Anna! Great job, well put together!

    you are right though, I am amazed at how many of us didn’t watch T.V. before LOST!

    The only reason why I have Cable is LOST! 🙂


  7. What a show, Anna and Denise! Thank you for putting it together. ( Will there be a Part Deux , that we talked about the other night? Cuz that would be awesome! )

    And Karen…. *hug*

  8. Allan

    Just finished listening to this Podcast. It was outstanding. What a good idea to get all of these familiar voices together. I’ve been listening to all these people for 3 years now. I just hit the “GET ALL” button on ITunes so I can listen to more of your work.

  9. Wray

    Just finished listening and I was amazed at the affection that everyone seems to have for each other. I have been a part of a few (okay one) other fandom(s) but there is nothing like Lost – especially something I like to call Lost II which includes you guys Anna/Denise, Heath/Ms. Wendy, Donald, Matt/ Leslie and Alex. There were others before, but you all changed the fandom by reaching out to everyone else and making it really feel like Lost fans were a family.

    This podcast was really wonderful!!!

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  11. UglyFace


  12. Michael

    Great podcast, Anna and Denise! Only one thing I didn’t like – where was the classic Jacob’s Cabin music? You’ve got to bring it back!

    Morniiiiing suuunshiiine…….

  13. annainindiana

    Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone! Michael: the music was only taking a short break, do not fear. 🙂 Special music for a special podcast…then back to normal next time.

  14. Chris


    I have a new theory. I think that Ms Hawking is working for Jacob’s enemy (JE).

    She was insistent that Locke’s body return with them on the flight (so JE could use him) and we still have no idea why she was exiled.

    I also find her relationship with Ben strange. They have to know each other, but there seems to be some disconnect between them. They don’t seem to like each other. Could it be because they are on different sides?

    I am in my first Lost rewatch (I never rewatched any episode up to now) but I am only on season 1 so far. I am looking forward to rewatching episodes with Ms Hawking (or is it Hawthorne) to see if there are any other clues to support this theory.

    Hopefully after rewatching I will have more to support my theory.

    What do you girls think?

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