Hiatuscast 2: Lists, Locke, and Little Questions

In our second hiatus podcast, we discuss some interesting questions sent in by our wonderful listeners, read two great lists of items to take back to the island, briefly talk about the Lost: Messages from the Island book, and put out a request to you the listeners for your input: how has Lost affected your life? How have you become involved in the Lost community, and what does Lost mean to you? Also, if you have theories you’re working on or themes that you’d like to see discussed on a future podcast, send those in as well!

Contact us: Comment on the blog, send an email to anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call 646-495-9205 ext. 35382 to leave a voicemail.

Download the mp3

Lost: Messages from the Island preview pages



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5 responses to “Hiatuscast 2: Lists, Locke, and Little Questions

  1. Donald

    I just found this podcast tomorrow and it sounds like 10 people recording on one of those 80s mini cassette recorders. Also they stay on topic way to much and a curse word here or there would not hurt.

  2. Hi Anna and Denise! Thanks so much for mentioning our podcast on your show! Just listened to your latest and LOVED it! Know that the two of you are welcome to join us on our show any time!

    -Matt (Keys To LOST)

  3. annainindiana

    Matt – wow, you listened fast! And thanks for the invite to join your show; we’ll have to do that sometime! I do get the email reminders.

    Donald – since I am Amish, we are actually using pre-80s cassette recorders. We make the recording on blades of grass, kind of like the razor in your video. Very technologically advanced grass. It’s awful when the cows eat it and destroy all our hard work.

  4. Shawn from MD

    On an Official Podcast Carlton and Damon sort of hinted that it’s not that they don’t want to tell Libby’s story it’s that the actress is no longer willing to do it.

    They said they have learned that if you kill a character off they are less likely to fit you in their schedule, since she is apparently busy forever.

  5. Manuel in Ohio

    I’ve been rewatching all the seasons of Lost and I’m convinced that in season 3’s “Flashes Before Your Eyes” Desmond began an alternate timeline. Ms. Hawking was telling him the things he’d already done and had to do again, but he didn’t do them the same way, which suggested to me that there was a timeline in which none of the odd events happen (no time traveling).

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