Forthcoming: Hiatuscast 2

Hey guys, we’ll be recording our second podcast of the hiatus on Tuesday (6/23) and we’d love some feedback! We have some theories already as well as a few “little” questions–the small yet unresolved issues from the show. If you have any ideas or a few questions to throw into the mix, let us know however you prefer:
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Voicemail: 646-495-9205 ext. 35382

Also, be sure to check out Heath’s Film List podcast, on which both Denise and I have made appearances.
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4 responses to “Forthcoming: Hiatuscast 2

  1. Carl

    I sent an e-mail but got an error reply so i’ll post this here.

    Hey guys. I was on lostpedia reading up on Jacobs tapestry and saw that on the bottom there are three Egyptian ships leaving the island. I believe this group were the true original inhabitants and were obviously very active on the island for a long time. Their construction efforts… (Statue, Temple, the massive tunnel system, the wheel) are only rivaled by the DI. What caused their exodus?

    I believe that these ancient Egyptians and The DI have a lot in common. Anti-Jacob said that everyone who comes ends up getting corrupted. I think these ancients gained too much power and control over the island and were corrupted by it. They failed Jacobs test and were forced to leave.

    The DI came to the island hoping to create a utopian society and use the power of the island to make the world a better place. I believe thats why they were allowed to stay for so long. I find it hard to believe that The Others could wipe out an entire military squadron but were not able to take out a bunch of hippie scientists. Jacob wanted them to stay. You could start to see the beginning of their corruption when they allowed Radzinsky to put everyones lives in danger for scientific progress. Like the ancients before they abandoned their ideals for power. They failed the test and were purged.

    I dont think The Others are part of Jacob and Anti-Jacobs game but instead just a force to make sure the outside world doesn’t discover the island and to enforce the rules. Now that Jacob is dead i believe their are no longer any rules and the losties along with the others will defeat Anti-Jacob and actually create the society Jacob always wanted. That is why Jacob allowed himself to be killed. No longer being under the rule of these two entities this new group led by the losties can truly forge their own path. Jacob found his own loophole.

    Sorry this was so long and i hope it makes some kind of sense. I just discovered your podcast this season and i love it. Keep up the good work!

    Carl from Philadelphia.

  2. Carl

    Another question. Whats so special about the banyan trees that smokey cant hurt anyone hiding inside them? So weird.

    I should prob get back to work.

  3. I don’t know what it means but Jacob gave things to some the Losties (candybar,pen,lunchbox,guitar case & wedding card) & some he just touched like Locke who turned out to be bad for him & Allana who’s outside of the main characters.
    I preodered the Lost book so maybe in a month you can do podcast on that.

  4. annainindiana

    Hi Dave, great question about Jacob touching them and giving them things. We’ll have to keep thinking about that!
    I preordered the Lost book too; hopefully it will come within the next week! If you want to write or call in about anything in the book, feel free, and Denise and I can definitely give our thoughts as well on the next podcast!

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