It’s always something with you people!

It’s a bittersweet podcast episode! There were so many great things to discuss, but it’s also the last regular podcast for season 5! In this episode Denise and I spend nearly an hour talking about the finale and designating a character award for the finale (since we didn’t know how soon we would be podcasting again), and I respond to your feedback.

Have a great hiatus, everyone, and keep in touch! We’d love to hear from you even during the off-season! We hope to do a Lost podcast about once a month over the hiatus, so keep an ear out for that. Take care everyone, our love to you all, see you next season! (Don’t worry, even with our Jacob’s Cabin namesake burning down, we will be back!) cabin_burning

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2 responses to “It’s always something with you people!

  1. Steve in Royal Oak

    I really like your podcast; I’ve only been listening a short time, but it’s a favorite.

    Since “dead is dead” (Locke really is dead), then “whatever happened, happened”. I think Miles was right when he told the losties that they may be causing the incident, not preventing it, by dropping the bomb in the hatch. It’s like when Sayid shot Ben; he was trying to prevent future-Ben, but in fact created him. Likewise, the losties can’t prevent their plane from crashing in 2004, because whatever they do in 1977 is what they already did.

    Since the Swan station is underground, it seems as though it would have already been completed at the time the incident occurred. They would’ve had to excavate a large pit, build it, then cover it over. It wouldn’t make any sense to dig out and pour the access chimney (for lack of a better term), drill, and then only afterwards excavate the whole site. Since the Swan was intact in 2004 when the losties found it, either Dharma rebuilt it, or the bomb didn’t explode (or if it did, whatever the anomaly is absorbed the energy. Or, it coupled with the explosion to produce time-travel, which seems likely given the fade to white at the end of the episode. Juliet may be waking up in the jungle next season).

    But will it be enough to send the losties “back to the future”? When Desmond turned the key, only he experienced the time-jumping; Locke, who was at most only a few yards away didn’t, and neither did Charlie or Ecko.

    The question of whether it was Jacob or “not Jacob” who was trapped in the cabin (I’m sorry for your loss, 🙂 ), the knife that Ilana pulled out of the wall (that held up the piece of tapestry that Jacob wove) is the same one that Jacob had in the opening sequence. So, since Ilana works for Jacob, either it was Jacob that had been held in the cabin (and he was now free and left her a note of where to find him), or he had arranged with her to meet him there (with “not Jacob” trapped inside, who he then found to have escaped), or…arrrgh!

    Sorry to have gone on so long.

    I hate that we have to wait so long for the next season, and that it’s the last.


  2. CharlotteLewis

    Sorry about the cabin mate. Hope your podcasting spirit hasn’t burned out as well.

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