“The Incident” Discussion/Initial Reaction

Perhaps the biggest “incident” of all was watching Jacob’s Cabin burn down!
“Denise…there goes our podcast namesake!! Ohhh no!!!”

Please share your thoughts on the finale! We won’t be recording until Friday, so you have some extra time. Leave a comment below, email us at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call 646-495-9205 ext 35382 and leave us a voicemail.


Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who showed up! Awesome participation! It was so much fun getting to talk with you all in real-time about Lost, and getting to talk right after the show ended.

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14 responses to ““The Incident” Discussion/Initial Reaction

  1. Tidsor Magoo

    I had a lot of fun as well. You should do that again sometime.

  2. djchau

    Wow, unique finale in it entertained me but the answers that came out just hurt my head and will probably all summer figuring out whats going on and this finale I have to say ended in a cliffhanger of epic proportions which I was surprise for them to not show us the end result of the bomb.

    I just hope that the show doesn’t get into god like territory. They always said that like fringe there was going to be a logical explanation how things work but with the two beginning characters it seem like these are two powerful beings. Remind me of a comic book called secret wars where this powerful cosmic being called the beyonder who did an experiment to observe good and evil and gather villains and heroes in a chess game to fight each other to see who prevails and what they do to achieve it.

    This so called villain of Jacob, I’m guessing has tried before he took the form of Locke to try to setup things to get his revenge on Jacob. Yemi, Christian, and maybe even Ben’s daughter who all people somehow appeared after their death to influence people to do something. I’m guessing taking over Locke’s form was the answer. I guess this time he couldn’t get rid of the body because in the past the body disappears somehow like Christian or Yemi. But it was great seeing how his plan worked out. Because he basically setup Richard to tell the real Locke to go back and he would have to die setting it up for him to take over.

    And the way it seem that this character can’t kill Jacob personally but must use other people to do his bidding reminded me of the scene of Ben in Widmore’s pen house when he said he couldn’t kill Widmore and he knew that. This feud between these two characters seem to refer to the war Widmore talked about. And I get the feeling that Widmore is on this bad guy side.

    Jacob must have powers just like the island of how the heck he can bounce around everywhere to visit people at the right moments in time and around the world. I don’t think his character is gone maybe his body but not his character. If this villain can take over Locke’s body I’m sure Jacob can do the same thing.

    I think what Jacob said at the end refers to the people from the 1977 coming back telling him in a way that its not over. If you notice in the conversation with Richard Locke tells him that after we meet up with Jacob we will deal with the people still stuck in the past. And the way he said it and Richards expression on his face was like he wants to get rid of them.

    Its like Jacob is open in sharing the island to outside people where this bad guy isn’t. Also, how come Richard didn’t bring them directly to the cabin to see Jacob. Did Richard ever know about the cabin or did he know he wouldn’t be there? And whats up with the ash line and who seem to have broken the line. The ash line reminded me in the show supernatural where they put a circle of salt to keep in a spirit.

    So the question is where do they go from here. I’m sure when the fake Locke come out they are going to kill him.

    Since Jacob’s cabin was burnt down maybe you can change the name of the podcast to Jacob’s Statue or even Jacob’s Foot.

  3. Thanks, Anna and Denise for the invite to the show last night. Always fun to talk LOST with you.

    Possible new name for your podcast next season , since discovered last night that he is quite the world traveler : Jacob’s Time Share. 🙂

  4. Donald

    Thanks, Anna and Denise for the invite to the show last night. Always fun to talk LOST with you.

    Possible new name for your podcast next season , since discovered last night that he is quite the world traveler : Jacob’s Time Share. 🙂

  5. Hi Anna and Denise!
    It was really fun to get to talk to you! So sorry about the cabin….hope you had insurance!

    Still reeling from the episode! I need to watch it again, but I don’t know if I can stand another adrenaline rush like that….maybe tomorrow!

    As always, I really enjoy your podcasts!
    Take care and have a great summer!

  6. Donald

    Hi guys I enjoyed the live call, great convos and theories…
    As always, I really enjoy your podcasts!
    Take care and have a great hiatus
    Bigger Hugs!

  7. charlie from jersey

    I know this is silly but I have been depressed this post Lost season 5 day. One, I loved Juliet and hated to see her die. The scene with her holding on for dear life to Sawyer’s hand brought me to tears — really it did!
    When the episode started it just occured to me then it was the real and dead John Locke that was in the box from flight 316. This was the ultimate con job destined for Locke. He and the rest of us fell for it. I was pulling for Locke to be the hero and he lost.
    Locke has come back from the brink more then once. I don’t know if any one caught the advertisement for next year’s Lost, one short scene of one eye openning real wide. Like in season one when we were introduced to many of the leading characters. In the short clip that I saw it was that expanding eye and it looked like it was belonged to the face of Terry O’Quinn.
    I hope that means there is a chance for Locke.
    There is still too much for me to digest about Jacob and The Unnamed One. But it does seem just too simple for Lost for it to be about Good and Evil.
    After all if it was Jacob that brought the Black Rock to the Island, a slave ship, where, if I remember correctly, the slaves were left to die chained in the cargo hold, what was so good about that.
    Maybe it it is the fate of Losties to help kill Jacob. And maybe to help rid the Island of the Unnamed One as well.
    But that theory is based on no evidence.
    Keep up the great podcast, Anna. And if you are not doing any more podcasts between now and the sixth season of Lost, have a great summer and fall as well.

  8. So it’s all an experiment of Jacob’s to prove Esau about the flaws of humanity. That’s quit a game changer. The show is officially not about a plane crashing on an island anymore.

  9. Hi….it’s me again….!
    even bigger HUGS than donald,

  10. Jason

    Wow! Great season finale, overall I really enjoyed it.
    Here is what I liked:

    First time we see Jacob and it is not just a little mysterious scene but he is all over the episode.

    Rose and Bernard just hanging out in their bamboo mansion and basically telling everyone else “We don’t want to play anymore.” and Vincent is with them too.

    Glad we got to see Jack’s count to five surgery scene that he told Kate about back in season 1, and really interesting that Jack left out the part about it being his dad that actually gave him the counting trick to calm him down.

    Best line of the episode? For me it is a toss up between Bernard stealing Sawyer’s son of bitch line and Ben saying that he is a Pisces we Locke asks him if he can ask him a question.

    And as far as the special fx, say what you will about the polar bear in season 1 or the smoke monster with Ben this season, or even the sub this season, but when Nadia got hit by that car…. wow

    Some things I didn’t like:

    Jack said he doing all this for Kate? LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t really like how Juliet changed her mind, she agrees with Kate, then she agrees with Jack, Juliet is better than that. Poor writing descision.

    Sawyer should have been able to easily take Jack out, remember when he was boxing in prision? I am glad he beat the fool out of Jack, well almost, but don’t like that he had to resort to a low blow. And for all the things that we debate about the show with plausibility issues. There is no way that Jack would be doing anything for at least 10 or 15 minutes after getting kicked in the groin.

    Some questions:

    Will the real John Locke please stand up? Is there any way for the original Locke to come back in Season 6?

    What is Frank a possible canidate for?

    If the incident brings everyone back to the present is there anyway that Juliet and Sayid can survive their injuries?

    And speaking of the incident. In season 2 when the losties got into the Swan Station Sayid noticed that a part of it had been concreted off. So wouldn’t that mean that the incident orginally happened after the Swan was already built? Did they really change something? Will the Swan ever be built now?

    Why didn’t they show the front of the statue? From what they did show many fans are now certain that it is Sobek, but is there still some mystery left to be reveled only with a front view of it?

  11. During the 4th time watching the finale, I noticed the moment where Juliet ‘changed her mind, because of the say sawyer looked at Kate’. I couldn’t pin point when it was until now: It’s when Rose and Bernard say, it doesn’t matter if they die, as long as they are together, that’s all that matters. Juliet smiles and looks at Sawyer. But Sawyer looks over at Kate instead of back at Juliet. Kate is shown with a longing look as if she’s thinking of someone and then they cut back to Juliet with a not so happy look on her face.

    Forgive me if I’m late to the party on this one. I had to be told about Juliet giving out the pylon code because Sawyer called Kate “Freckles”.

    But it makes sense for Juliet to change her mind at this point because it’s after they got off the sub and before the Incident, so it make her seem less wishy washy.

  12. Well this my favorite season but this definitly wasn’t my favorite finale.Sure it was action packed but didn’t have much substance.The losties storyline was good I expected a cliiffhanger & that was delivered as for the Jacob storyline I thought it was unfullfiling for 4 season they teased us & in 1 episode he gets killed by a total stranger to us.These two guys make Ben & Widmore pawns so are the losties pawnns of pawns I don’t know I not feeling it….. see you in 9 months

  13. Azjazzer8

    I thought the finale was great… but not so great at the same time…

    First the great parts:

    Jacob and MM. Who is really “good” and who is really “evil”?

    Did the bomb somehow combine with the electromagnetic properties of the hatch and cause our losties to jump 30 years ahead? Or possibly cancel out Jacob’s death?

    The cabin being set aflame.. I believe the cabin to have been a FAKE Jacob cabin… hence the ash.

    Jacob touched every single important lostie.

    Jacob brought Locke back to life after his fall…

    The intro scene was amazing… I’ve watched it at least 20 times..

    Things I didn’t like…

    Jacob died so quickly after we met him.

    Juliet sacrificed herself… hopefully she lives..

    “The end is the end, anything else is just progress.”

    Numbers, Hurley, and the guitar case


    Bah… can’t wait until the final episode of next season!

  14. Azjazzer8

    Also in the “dislike” category…

    Jacob and MM supposedly being “gods”

    too much of a spiritual kind of show… wheres the sci-fi?

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