Quite the out-of-body experience

In this episode of Jacob’s Cabin, Denise and I discuss “Follow the Leader”, I respond to some great listener feedback on the episode, and two new characters are nominated for the character awards. Vote on this week’s character award here.

For Stacy and others who may be interested: Bomb in the episode Jughead; Bomb in the tunnels for size comparison.

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4 responses to “Quite the out-of-body experience

  1. Ben

    great podcast anna! i can’t wait for the finale, but its going to be a long 8 months 😦

  2. annainindiana

    I know what you mean! We’ll have to figure out something to do over the hiatus.

  3. Bill

    Good job with the podcast! You wanted to know about what people are doing for the LOST season 5 finale. My wife and I have a LOST party almost every week where we make food and have friends over to watch the new episode and then have a rehash of what happened. Last season finale we made an octagon shaped Dharma cake and one of our friends printed Dharma brand beer bottle stickers. We also frequently have “taco night”. We are still deciding on what to do for this season finale. Maybe a ‘Jughead’ cake would be appropriate. Keep up the good work.

  4. annainindiana

    Wow, Bill! That sounds great! Now I feel challenged to decorate my fruit pizza in Dharma fashion, with an octagon or something!

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