“Follow the Leader” Discussion

I want to see JACOB! NOW! Where will Jacob be, who will he be, and how and why and when is Locke going to kill him? Can Jacob even be killed or is Locke crazy, and what about “Help me…”? How will things work out with Locke as the leader of the Others? Will Ben really follow like he swore to? Is Locke now the originator of the idea that he has to die and has to bring everyone else back to the island? (And following that, will he be told by Jacob/the island/Christian Shepherd that he wasn’t supposed to do that, just as Ben was told he wasn’t the one that was supposed to have turned the wheel?)

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18 responses to ““Follow the Leader” Discussion

  1. underdogtn

    Great episode!!! lots of questions though. why does Locke want to kill jacob? what is up with Ben and Richard, are they keeping jacob trapped, and did Widmore ever meet Jacob? well my head is hurting so ill stop there. As always love the podcast keep up the good work.

  2. Kev

    I have a strange feeling that Jack is Jacob. It really all adds up. When Locke last went to Jacobs cabin, jacks father and half sister claire were there representing Jacob(jack). It would definitiy be a good season ending cliffhanger. Especially since locke wants to kill him. Jack and Locke have always had it for each other in every season.

  3. Oh, I loved tonights episode. I have an idea that John Locke knows exactly what he has to do. Can’t wait for next week.

  4. charlie from jersey

    What we may have found out tonight is that Richard and Ben know less about the island then we all thought. I am pretty sure neither of them know that Christian Shepard is wandering around the place.
    I am hoping that the I want to kill Jacob line is just a Locke gambit to find out if Ben and Richard ever even met Jacob, or if he exists at all. After all John Locke is a son of a con man.
    What I am praying isn’t going to happen is that Locke is the ultimate LOST bad guy. I love the character too much.
    If Jacob does not exist please don’t change the name of your podcast.

  5. Man i’ve never been left with so many questions.How are they gonna answer all them in the two hrs left.Ugh I can’t wait for next week.I’m starting to feel bad for Richard he’s got losties telling him what to do in two different time periods.Well island is telling me it’s time to watch Twillight on dvd.

  6. Manuel

    Next week’s finale is gonna rock! I don’t know why Locke still thinks Jacob doesn’t exist when he already met him back in season 3×20 in the cabin. If Juliet could shoot knives from her eyes, Kate would’ve been minced already. Cat fight!
    Since Faraday is dead, then who helps Dr. Chang make that video where he’s asking for the people in the future to help save them in the past?
    I highly doubt the bomb will be successful in “fixing” the timeline (the way it’s looking, it’ll likely end up causing the electromagnetic energy to leak like Faraday feared would happen in the first place). Does this mean it’s the last hurrah for the Losties in the past???

  7. Jason

    Ok, I guess all bets are really off this time. I have to confess I don’t know what is going on.
    But at least I am not alone. I love how Ben and Richard don’t know what the heck is going on either.
    I am a Locke fan, but dang it all, he sure is taking a lot of the mystery away from Richard’s character. And why would he want to kill Jacob, and why tell Ben? From Locke’s speech to the others the only thing that really makes sense to me is that Locke doesn’t believe Jacob is real and when he says “kill Jacob” he means that he is going to expose the lie to “his” people. But like everything else there is probably more too it. Because Locke used to believe in Jacob right? He heard Jacob when Ben and him first went to the cabin, and later when he met Christian in the cabin he asked Christian if he was Jacob.
    However that was the old Locke, this is the new and improved resurrected Locke that is now apparently having regular conversations with the island that doesn’t believe in Jacob.

    So anyways…..
    Kate gets shot! Oh, no my mistake Sayid is back and he shoots one of the others. Darn I kinda wished Kate did get shot, does that make me a bad person? Oh, well, not only does she not get shot, but she manages to get back to Dharmaville just in time to get a seat on the “love boat” and be the third wheel on Sawyer and Juliet’s bicycle. Well at least Sayid is back, and he looked pretty good for wandering around in the jungle all this time. Now that I think about it I am not sure how long it has been since he shot Ben and escaped. But it seems at least one full day has passed since then. I know maybe he has been staying with Rose and Bernard. It has been three years since we saw them. They should have a bamboo mansion somewhere on the island by now.

    Who died and made Radzinsky the king of Dharma?

  8. Richard said “he watched them die”. He didn’t use the word disappear he said die. Maybe it’s a misinterpretation of what was happening. Maybe they were vanishing out of existence like Old Biff from Back To the Future. Of course that would mean Jack, Kate and Hurley were in fact fading to nonexistence, so maybe Faraday’s plan works.

    Do you think Locke is on the light side, trying to kill Jacob to free him or is Locke on the dark side, guided by Christian to eliminate Jacob. Locke is on a mission, but is he good or evil?

  9. think Richard might have witnessed the huge explosion and thought they all died, but in fact they flashed out at the last minute.

  10. anthony

    firstly loved the episode, locke`s assertion of his leadership without any element of doubt, jack`s return to his do something status this time without the act first,face consequences later baggage and is it just me of did richard alpert` s status as an enigma drop some points last night, let me explain, in two different timelines in two different pilgrimages,he seemed really disconnected from the island, he was surprised about the time traveling element and even lockes return to life even though when he said to locke you look different my pores raised,i loved it when locke rallied “his people to go to jacob but when RA said that locke could be a problem, it seemed such a Ben thing to say and what a great ending with locke saying he is going to kill jacob but i wonder if it is in a metaphysical sense like demythifying jacob as a god like being or is it in a euthanizational sense because jacob did say help me and locke seems in synch with the workings of the island or is it just simply a coup for solidifying his power which i really doubt it is, loved sawyer and juliets bond even during torture and the last time sawyer said i am going to kill you to someone ,he did so phil days seem numbered and would radz simply put a bullet in his brain before i do, wow the effects with the sub looked cheesy but it is a tv show with a tv show budget anyway thiese are simply my initial thoughts loved the podcast

  11. Gunns Bakardy

    Hey Anna & Denise

    That was a fantastic episode, wasn’t it? From where/whom is Locke getting his info/instructions? I had assumed that the download came from Christian, but now I’m not so sure. Since Christian is known to be able to speak for Jacob, why would he give Locke the order to kill him? Is this a mutiny? Or does Jacob really not exist, and, like others have suggested, Locke’s mission is not to literally kill Jacob, but kill the belief in Jacob, and Locke needs Ben and Richard there to bear witness.

    Layers of mystery have been peeled from Richard, and he’s actually not that impressive underneath. His priority, I believe, is not the well-being of the island, but his own self preservation. And did he really “watch them all die”? He must have been pretty freaked out to see everybody back in 2004.

    Lots of thoughts on this one, but I’ll leave it at that. Looking forward to the podcast.

  12. djchau

    Wow. This episode was great. I thought it was a great episode to lead up to the finale.

    By the look of things it seems Eloise is the leader of the others. And I guess Charles has also influence in the group since they are in a relationship. Kinda like she is the king and he is the queen. I found it odd Eloise was so easily convinced to help out with the plan not questioning how the bomb would effect the island which isn’t the purpose of life for the others is to protect the island. I’m guessing something will happen in the finale which will cause Eloise to leave or get expelled from the island and that’s when Widmore will take the opportunity to take charge seeing he is like next in command.

    And I’m sorry for the Kate lovers out there but man this episode didn’t shine a bright light on her. She seemed to be in like a selfish manner and not really thinking of the whole picture. Yes, Jacks plan is way out there but like Sayid said in the episode if it works its great but not it would take them out of their misery. I think only Sawyer and Juliet actually enjoyed being there but everyone else was like okay we’re stuck so we just gotta go with the flow. If Juliet gets into a fight with Kate I don’t blame her . The scene in the sub was like such a sucker punch to Juliet. Things were bad but Sawyer and Juliet had a moment to forget and move on but here comes Kate. Is it me or Sawyer is now the Kate role. Before she ping pong back and forth with Sawyer and Jack and now Sawyer is doing the same thing with Juliet and Kate.

    Richard seems to have no premise of the time travel effects. I would think with what he witness back in the past he would get a clearer picture of whats going on but still surprise of the scene near the plane.

    So by the looks of whats going on with Locke especially the reveal at the end of maybe Locke opposing Jacob really reveal their is opposing forces on the island eluding to the war that is being for told to be coming. We still don’t know who the group from the plane on the hydra station is representing widmore, dharma, Jacob?

    I think in the finale we will learn how Jacob is connected and what each group represents. And in the last season we will see the opposing groups fighting for the island.

  13. Chris

    I have come to one conclusion, I have no idea what’s going on! Everytime I come up with a theory, I end up refuting it myself.

    I am relying on you to to explain to me what is happening, because I am out of ideas.

    My faith in Richard is shaken, my faith in Locke is slipping. I am convinced that Jack has no idea what he is doing. Ben appears to be playing both sides like always, but maybe he isn’t all bad. Richard and Ben seem to share a secret about Jacob.

    At least I know I can count on Hurley! Chang questioning him was classic.

    I tend to think Jacob doeesn’t exist and Ben and RA have been using the thought of him to control things, but I talk myself out of that idea half the time as well.

    Thanks for letting me ramble,


  14. jamal

    HI anna,

    Damn what a nice episode.
    This time a short reaction as i send a big one to Donald:P

    I hope we get some more info about jacob that name has been talked about since season one.

    but think this will be covered in the final or i hope they do

    well can’t wait till ur poscast keep up the good work


  15. Michael

    I’m actually not that happy about where the show seems to be going with this episode. After having had ‘Whatever happened happened’ shoved down our necks all season, I don’t like the idea that it could all change if the bomb is detonated. Surely if Richard saw Jack and co. die, they’re going to have to change the timeline (unless he just THOUGHT he saw them die).

    Also, I’m not sure I like where Locke’s going. The way he was talking about nobody having seen Jacob, it almost looks like he thinks Jacob doesn’t even exist, which would be a big let down too. Perhaps when be says he’s going to kill him, he just means he’s going to kill the myth that Jacob exists. I hope not, anyway.

    There were still a lot of other great parts, though. Everything that happened at the barracks was rivetting, and the Hurley scenes were classics, as usual. I loved the look on Juliet’s face when Kate got on the sub. 🙂

    I’m still really looking forward to the finale. I just hope it doesn’t end with the Losties popping out of existence having changed the past, as that would just be too much of a paradox for the writers to get out of.

  16. Josh

    The saddest part of the episode was when Sawyer was climbing on the sub and uttered a relieved “good riddance” when he realized he didn’t see Kate slithering up behind him. I could have cried for poor old James when she made it onto the sub at the last second.

  17. Hi Anna and Denise!
    What an “edge-of-your-seat” episode! I loved Ben’s hang-dog face when Richard told Locke that “at least he didn’t have to die” and Locke let him know that he had in fact died!

    Hurley was awesome as usual.

    I just wonder why Pierre Chang couldn’t have stopped the digging if he did finally begin to believe Faraday?

    I was so hoping Dr. Chang would hug Miles or clap him on the shoulder…..oh well, at least I think Miles understands what happened better.

    Looking forward to your podcast!

  18. Ben

    I have a theory that Sawyer, Juliet & Kate won’t leave the island. The sub will go to The Looking Glass station first to pick up some people there. This is when something goes down and they end up getting kicked off, and eventually back on the island.

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