Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy!

In this episode (issue? volume? edition? Yeah, check out our bloopers at the end…) of Jacob’s Cabin, Denise and I take a look at The Variable, I respond to listener comments, and two new people are nominated for the weekly character awards. Vote on the character awards here.

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5 responses to “Welcome to the meeting, Twitchy!

  1. Jamal

    Hi anna,

    Loved the podcast πŸ˜› Like always πŸ˜›

    Its always cool to hear ur own comments discussed :

    i had a comment about something i commented:P

    Faraday got shot by hawking at that point he has his notebook with him that contained like all the stuff from faraday it was the updated version cause it has travelled with him into time a couple of times so it had info off desmond beeing the constant that he talked to him when they jumped clearly it had the incedent in it as well since cause when miles and faraday wait on P. chang he says he’s right on time while looking in the book so like the book contains a lot of information on the timeline from 1954 when jughead was first discovered till the point where Ms Hawkins says she doesnt know what happens next so she might have know a lot of events that couls happen till that pint she got the book in 1977 so she has knowledge of some thing from 54 but like 30 years of event that might happen. still a bit harsh to send here son to the island again to die by her gun but hence thats why we saw the first page saying that no mater what she loved him

    also think that lost will be a realtime event from now on like thwer 3 or 4 hours left like about the same we have on eps hours πŸ˜›

    ah cant wait till next epsidoe of lost and ur next show

    keep up the good work



  2. Michael

    I agree with Jamal – the notebook that Faraday was carrying when he got shot was the most up to date version, with information about time travel, the incident, Desmond… everything. If Ms Hawkins gets hold of it once Daniel dies, she’ll learn about all these things – hence why she insists that Desmond goes to the island in the jewellery shop, and knows what’s going to happen to him and Daniel in the future.

    When she visits Desmond in hospital she doesn’t know whether he’ll survive because Daniel never knew (so never wrote it in his diary).

    Also, could Widmore have also seen the diary and used some of the information in it to help him make his fortune after leaving the island?

  3. Not my official comment about the new episode, but I was re-watching “The Other Woman” Season 4 Episode 6 where we get Juliet’s back story, and our only Juliet-centric episode. In that episode, Harper tips off Juliet that Charlotte and Daniel are heading for the Tempest, coincidentally where it was hinted that Godwin worked before he was sent running off into the Jungle. When Harper, Goodwin’s wife tips them off, she just disappears with whispers, leading me to believe that that may have NOT been Harper. In the session when Harper confronts Juliet about her affair with Godwin in their sessions, Juliet says that Ben has been good to her and Harper says “Of course you have you look just like her.”
    As much as we know about Ben, we don’t know a whole lot about the time between the purge and the plane crash. This tiny little thing made my nerd sense tingle and I just had to get it down. I’ll put a comment thats actually about the Variable later.


  4. I loved the bloopers. I also loved the actual show, just one question…. Why did you put the actual show at the last 2 mins and play the bloopers for the first hour?

  5. annainindiana

    @Kleightronix I’ve wondered that about Harper, too. By the “you look just like her” line, are you implying that Harper knew Ben’s mother, who looked somewhat similar to Juliet? That would have crazy implications for Harper, although it wouldn’t explain why/how she was married to a mortal man.

    Donald, next time we will just giggle through the whole podcast and just throw the words “lost” and “island” in every few minutes for good measure. (Maybe you’re jealous of our bloopers? Didn’t you used to do bloopers occasionally? It’d be funny if you had a blooper with Caesar: “I do not think so, my enemy…argh, I mean, my friend; why do I always mess up that line?!”)

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