“The Variable” Discussion

A great episode with many things revealed! With Daniel’s return, everything finally fell to pieces. What did you think? Would Faraday’s plan with the H-bomb actually work? Is Eloise’s involvement in “destiny” more of a help or a hindrance? What do you think of the dynamics between Eloise and Charles? (They reacted to hearing each other’s names through the entire episode, then finally ran into each other!) Why is Faraday changing his ideas about the way everything works, now thinking that they can impact the future in a drastic way?

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12 responses to ““The Variable” Discussion

  1. anthony

    now finished watching the episode, daniel death struck me as sort of anticlimatic, why would his mother send him to the island knowing that she is the one who will be responsible for his death. i can only think that his death is the catalyst for some action down the line that mitigates her sacrifice, the tension between hawkin and widmore was thick, in a storyline full of daddy issues, it was good for balance with daniel and his mommy issues, i have to ponder on the episode some more but i cant help but feel that i was cheated and is it me but while it was a fine episode, did it not seem sort of limp for the 100th episode,

  2. I think a lot of people are still pondering this.I believe whatever happen still holds true & that’s why Ellie sent him back to the island.This episode was pretty self contained a lot was revealed/confirmed but there was plenty of tension.Two things stand out upon initial reaction first Richard A. seemed pretty scared to get shot so maybe he can die just not age & I was a little surprised he didn’t remember Daniel I know it was 25yrs. but still the first they put Richard on path find Locke & people disappeared in front him I think I remember something like that. Second it looks like the same experiment that messed up Theresa also had some bad effects on Daniel. Overall it was a bit of an emotional downer of episode team Sawyer got caught & Daniel was killed by his mother. Well talk to you later Twitchy

  3. blaqbird

    Oh man! What a great episode! I just have so much running through my mind right now that I need to sort it out so here it goes:

    ~Oh Juliet, your jealousy got the best of you and sent Jake, Kate, and Daniel into danger. If she didn’t give Kate the code to the fence, they wouldn’t have gone and the shoot-out wouldn’t have happened…

    ~Twitchy…love it!

    ~Finally a LOST character with mommy issues…it was about time!

    ~My heart was breaking when Daniel was talking to a young Charlotte.

    ~Is Daniel really dead? What about the infamous Comic Con video?

    ~I think Desmond will do all he can to keep his promise to Penny about never leaving her again, but I think he might have to go back to the island.

    ~And this is a really random one: I need Walt to return because if he doesn’t it completely makes everything Eloise Hawking said null and void. EVERYONE has to return…just because Walt is a “normal” kid now doesn’t mean that the island won’t want him back. Or maybe Walt will end up like Charles Widmore: he’ll grow up to be wealthy and powerful and he’ll want to find the island again…hmmm…

    Okay I think that’s all. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!


  4. Gene in Sacramento

    Will someone please explain to me why Kate would be motivated to try changing history so that Oceanic 815 doesn’t crash? All it would accomplish is to make sure that she serves a nice long prison term. What’s the upside?

    I notice that when Widmore claimed Daniel was his son, too, that Eloise didn’t confirm anything, but just slapped his face. Does that mean that she was upset that he would have the gall to lie about it, much as Ben was always saying about Alex? We still have the mystery of the names Widmore, Hawking, and Faraday all in the mix.

  5. Justin Sightes

    I’m just happy we won’t have to see any more of Jeremy Davies’ terrible acting.

  6. I guess the Comic Con video isn’t cannon, because I firmly believe Faraday is dead. Look what the LOST writers did. They cried wolf so many times, if a character is shot and drops to the ground, no one is sure if they’re dead. Jin was in the water, Ben was saved by Alpert and Locke came back to life. But despite these false alarms, I think Faraday is truly dead, because of the impact it creates for Hawking’s character.

  7. What we have here is two groups of people (similiar to what we had in Season 4 when Locke’s group went to the barracks and Jack’s group was Freighter bound). We have islanders who want to do something in 1977 in order to alter the future and then we have the ones that feel that destiny is more important. No matter which path is taken, one thing is for sure….the writers of LOST are doing everything they can to drive me crazy. Because if I have to explain how time travel works to one more person who half-ass watches this show, I’m going to go nuts.

  8. Chris

    I also believe Faraday is dead, but I think Jack and Kate will come to the camp and explain what Daniel was there to tell them (as best they can) with the help of Daniels notebook.

    This brings me to another separate (but related) point. Do you think that when Ms Hawking gave Daniel the notebook is was blank or full of Daniel’s notes?

    My belief that Ms Hawking is behind Alana and Bram is stronger, but I have to say I don’t like Hawking near as much as I used to.

    How will Sawyer and Juliette escape? Where is Sayid (I think they will reunite with him on the beach). How will Desmond be drawn back in? I am assuming he will get back to the island at some point.

    That’s all for now.

  9. djchau

    Great episode for the 100th episode.

    Only lost can have a future older Eloise sending him to the island to basically get killed by a younger Eloise. It could explain maybe why maybe Eloise was so distant to Daniel being she knew what the future holds for him and didn’t want to get to emotionally attached knowing how his destiny will end up. I’m getting the feeling the young Eloise with get Daniel’s notebook and start to believe that he was from the future and that what starts her path in leaving the hostiles and making sure things come out the way they are. In the future we see her be all knowing that the universe always corrects itself that you can’t change things if it will happen. That is why she pushed him to go to the island knowing it will happen no matter what. It seem to be a big theme in the episode of how Daniel goes on that variables can maybe change the time line so why didn’t Eloise prevent him from going to the island.

    The thing with Daniel is that with the thing with Charlotte and so many of the other probably family issues he had it maybe kinda motivated him to believe that time can be change just fooling himself to believe he can.

    I still don’t know how Eloise knew about Desmond especially about the key moment where she met him telling him that he needs to break up with Penny and end up on the island.

    And the footage from comic con. Is that considered real in lost world. I know they didn’t show Daniel completely dead but it looks like his life is up knowing that his back story was shown throughout in one episode. Where did he find the time to make the video with Pierre Chang unless they do the same thing they did to Ben and use the temple to heal him.

    I think the incident Daniel refers to will happen and we will find out that in the season finale thier will be two sides of the losties with Jack leading the group to try to complete Daniels plan and prevent the future of them crashing and Kate who will lead the side of stopping them from doing it. Knowing how things are we might see in the season finale that before they can actually detonate the bomb to complete Daniel’s mission they will be zapped back somehow to the future. I think that it will be Locke’s group that does something to get the losties back from the past.

  10. I guess I’m one of the few that thinks this was a terribly sad episode. I really like the Daniel character. His whole life was a sacrifice….no piano…no time for it….no girlfriend…..no time for her….and for what?

    The one thing that I can’t understand is that when Daniel was a boy, his mother stopped his piano playing to push him to pursue math. If I knew what she “knew”, as a mother, I would have burned his science books and done everything in my power to keep him from going down that path. Let the universe coarse correct in some other way!

    I wonder if he is dead…partially not wanting him to be dead and partially thinking they might pull a “take him to the temple” moment.

  11. Jamal

    Hi Anna,

    Damn loved this episode

    dj chau:
    I still don’t know how Eloise knew about Desmond especially about the key moment where she met him telling him that he needs to break up with Penny and end up on the island.

    I think she got this from the book of faraday it must have been written something about desmond in it and that he was on the islnad without penny etc πŸ˜› ( just a suggestion)

    but wow what a episode nice to hear all the thing we allready speculated about Faraday been son of widmore and hawkings widmore admitting that he responsible for the plane etc just crazy read some people didn’t like that but we asked the writters for anwsers and they keep giving them to use πŸ˜› wihoe:PPP

    but damn Hawkings is crazy sending her own son back to the island where he would be killed by her own gun just tragic is he really dead Looks like it.

    but i like the thing he said what ever happend happend you can change the past but what he says is that they living in the past but its still there future so they can change time after all πŸ˜› maybe thats why he got shot cause he tried to chance time and he got corse corrected by the island.

    oke and damn as last like the new panic in dharma file hehe common it allready looks like a war

    well where or hours away from the incident cant wait how this is gonna end

    well thats all for now

    Love ur show can’t wait to hear it



  12. Gunns Bakardy

    Hey Anna and Denise.

    I’m still trying to make complete sense of what I saw last night (and what I’m re-watching today). Seems like quite a few accepted LOST ‘truths’ are now being questioned, and I love it! Even Ms. Hawking is at a loss.

    I believe the central conflict as the end of season 5 approaches will be between those who want to carry out Faraday’s mission, and those who do not. Constants vs. Variables, maybe. On a larger scale, I have a weird feeling it will also be between the ’77ers, and those in ’07, but I’m not sure how. Jughead versus the mystery crate item, or something like that.

    Once again, lines will be drawn and sides will be chosen. Unlike last season, however, we don’t really know what will happen or who will end up where. I’m really jonesing to see where season 5 is taking us. These are the Good Old Days for LOST fans.

    I’m looking forward to the podcast. Thanks, guys!

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