Mini-podcast episode release!

Anna and Denise do a mini-episode (less than half an hour) during this hiatus week covering some extra feedback and theories. Thanks for all your comments–you guys made this possible!

Download the mp3



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6 responses to “Mini-podcast episode release!

  1. Is this half hour supposed to get me through the Hiatus? Ha! What a tease.

  2. annainindiana

    Yeah? Where’s your hiatus podcast?

  3. One of my regular episodes can get people through 9 months of hiatus.

  4. annainindiana

    What people? People who live in a cave and have nothing else on their ipod, maybe.

  5. My podcasts have been known to save lives and give people the will to live.

  6. Hey guys, my new blog post was about LOST, so I thought I’d put a little more of my research about Egyptian after-life mythology.

    “I’ve been doing some research about Egyptian Mythology. The Ma’at in Egyptian mythology encompasses several concepts including “truth”, “justice”, and “order”. The order referred to is a divine order of the universe between human society and nature, not so much “law and order” connotation the word has in English. Egyptians considered disruption of the Ma’at inherently harmful and is often personified as a female goddess. This description of the Ma’at reminds me of the forceful hand of the smoke monster as it plays enforcer for time and its course corrections. AND it personified itself as Alex; a female who I would say is quite hot, if not a goddess.
    The Ma’at is represented by a feather in the judgement after death. The heart is weighed against the feather and depending on how heavy or light, the mortal is either allowed into the afterlife with their heart intact or the heart is eaten by a half-lion, half-crocodile, half-hippo creature. All of these Egyptian concepts play to only one comparison, the smoke monster. But it also might lead to clues as to the resurrection of Locke or Jacob’s magical status. Another comparison is Ben’s judgment scene with the smoke monster and the descriptions of the Egyptian’s idea of judgment after death. Moreover I am intrigued to see this specifically defined niche for magic within the Egyptian belief system be expressed somehow in the mysterious happenings on the Island.
    Another bit of research I did was into the two words that pervade our time with the Dharma Initiative, “Dharma” and “Namaste”. Dharma translates literally as that which upholds or supports, loosely translated into law. This may provide insights into the justifications that the Dharma Initiative believes in order to be able to do some of the things that they do. A sociopath is something to be afraid of, but a religious zealot who is beholden to no one but they’re own religious beliefs is just as dangerous. Namaste didn’t provide me with any spectacular insights other than its cultural origins used as a compass pointing towards some enlightenment on the religious tenants of the Dharma Initiative when they were first constituted.
    That’s it, hope this is good food for thought. ”
    – The Dao of Kleigh

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