That’s no moon…

Hey guys! If you’re bored due to the hiatus this week, then check out the list of LOST mysteries that Robin from made, listed by episode, along with the probability for each mystery to be answered! Plans are in the works via the LPN to base a roundtable podcast on this information. (Many Bothams died to bring us this information…)

Also, you guys have been leaving some great comments and sending in more great emails this week, so Denise and I will probably record a short podcast on Thursday at our usual time. It won’t be much, but it’ll be something to help hold you over until the next new episode of Lost!

And don’t forget about the next Ramble-On Cast, hosted by The Lost Revisited Now with Heath and Ms. Wendy! Anyone and everyone is welcome to call in and talk, question, theorize, and otherwise pick Lost apart. This will begin at 8pm EST on the TLRNow Talkshoe page.



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5 responses to “That’s no moon…

  1. I think Ewoks suck, I agree Anna.

  2. Jason

    I never thought the Ewoks sucked. In fact I was really surprised that Hurley said that.
    Now I can’t say they are my favorite characters in the star wars universe, but sucked? really?

  3. I agree Jason, Ewoks do kinda suck.

  4. annainindiana

    Jason, I agree, it surprised me too that Hurley would say that. I wasn’t aware that there was such hatred in the Star Wars universe against ewoks until last week.

    Donald, I think you are only hearing what you want to hear, but these aren’t the comments you were looking for…you can go about your business. Carry on. Carry on.

  5. Cheap jedi Mind tricks won’t work on me. I am a Sith Lord

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