How do you feel about polar bear poop?

In this episode of Jacob’s Cabin, Denise and I take a look at “Some Like It Hoth”, I respond to listener feedback, and two new characters get nominated for this episode’s character awards. As always, the podcast is spoiler free and comes in a convenient travel size…just kidding. But the podcast is spoiler free! Vote for this week’s character awards here.

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11 responses to “How do you feel about polar bear poop?

  1. As always another great podcast ladies!

    I just finished listening and something you brought up about the Pierre Chang Comicon video Anna, put a really weird idea in my head.

    What if Miles acquired his “gift” as a child when adult Miles accidentally gets too close to baby Miles. This proximity causes an “incident” which may have a tragic effect on the adult Miles, and leaves baby Miles able to hear the dead. This would also explain why Pierre was so frightened of the two rabbits getting close to one another…..he has already seen what could happen!

    Crazy, but that’s what comes to mind when you listen to podcasts late into the night!

    Have a great week!

  2. sorry for the delay, had to rewrite this:

    On the website, they theorize that Alex in the original timeline leads a group of religious fanatics that destroy the island. To prevent this Richard travels back in time and thus is rendered age-less until he lives until the point he went back in time. Richard, in this theory, is among the others and infiltrates Dharma to access the time machine. Thus in the original timeline there was a third faction separate from Dharma and the others with interest in the island. Maybe the “What lies in the shadow of the statue?” crowd represents a more spiritually reformed Dharma initiative attuned to some of the more spiritual beliefs that the original Dharma Initiative held when coming to the island. The conversation between Miles and Bram leads me to believe that these people have a religious purpose because they talk as though they’re some ruff cult. The two original groups to come to the island, the Dharma folk and those who were already on the Island had very specific ways about doing things. The behavior between the two as we have seen has been extremely postured before the Dharma Initiative was wiped out. Dharma means the one true way, so when taken seriously; the Dharma Initiative could be viewed as a sect of religious zealots isolating themselves on this island to be able to live as they believe they should. Daddy issues are another main theme in the show as almost EVERYONE has them; Jack, Kate, Sawyer, John, Sun, Hurley, Miles, and of course Ben. There was quite a big deal made about John killing his own father, and though there is doubt as to whether or not it must be done in front of the camp or just done. I don’t really understand how this fits in other than some off the wall and rather sinister Peter Pan reference. The star wars references have been going long before this episode such as Sawyer calling Jin “Chewbacca” and being a bit Han Solo-ish himself. Another thing I’ve been quite interested in is the interest in children and how the other’s lead by Widmore were a little less concerned for children on the island. In the days of Horace Goodspeed most mothers left the island to give birth, and in fact he mentions that it is a stipulation in the truce with the “Hostiles”. Moreover I think that somehow the Egyptian mythology about death and the afterlife will come to play in later events; maybe it will provide us insight into John’s rebirth.
    @echobase77 and @sharpcheddar I’ve loved every podcast I’ve listened to. I love the insight and enjoy the community that has sprung up around these podcast. Cheers! Keep it up!

  3. djchau

    I was thinking about why maybe Illana nd the group in the van that kidnap Miles is from Dharma.

    The video that came from comic con of Pierre Chang sending his message from the past to the future explaining how the purge happened and in roder to get things right Dharma has to be formed again.

    Maybe the message was directed to people of Dharma or maybe the Hanso foundation whoever is left in the future. And because of this message, they are grouping together to not only get Dharma back up and rolling again but also to get revenge on the others of the island and truly take ownership of it.

    A lot of people were wondering how they can be from dharma since all these years since the purge we have heard nothing from them, the lamp post station was abandoned supposedly (Unless Eloise Hawkings worked for Dharma and is the one who got things going again.) It would make sense because supposedly it was Daniel who was behind the camera recording Pierre Chang message and maybe he sent it to his mom in the future because he knows she is there and she was part of Dharma.

    In the most recent episode we saw Daniel come from the submarine that was off island that came from the headquarters of Dharma. We might find out that when he is there he finds out that his mom works for Dharma. He maybe even tells her who he is and gives her his notebook and tells her when it is time she must give the note book to her son.

    Maybe thats why in the future we see Daniel in a nursing home with that nurse. Maybe when he grows up his mom will tell him stories of the island and when given the book he will read all the equations and notes and will be obsessed in them leading him to build his time ray machine. The accident with the woman that was in the bed may have pushed him over the edge and that led to him to go to the nursing home of his mental illness. When Daniel sees the news report about the plane crash, he cries because on some level he realizes that he is not crazy and the things from the notebook was real.

  4. Kleightronix,

    The Time Loop theory and it’s website is ridiculous assumptions based on nothing. It holds less weight than a teenage girls Lost fanfic.

  5. Wray

    djchau – I suppose it’s possible Ellie now is part of Dharma, but why would she? I am beginning to think her story is key to understanding what’s going on. What happened between the time she was a “hostile” (and somehow equal to Widmore) on the island and Ben’s becoming leader? What about after? Why did she help Ben as they surely knew each other?

    Should be fascinating…

  6. djchau


    I suppose like Widmore, she went off island alot. And maybe like Widmore she fell in love with a outsider maybe someone from Dharma and decides to work with them. Maybe we will find that the monk that we saw her with in the picture who met Desmond at the monastery is Daniel’s father and maybe he was with Dharma before he became a monk.

    It looks like more that Ellie and Charles aren’t together like people have suggested and maybe are related maybe like brother and sister. And maybe that’s why Charles was able to keep an eye on him and his work because he was his nephew. With Lost everyone seems related or connected somehow. I guess we will see hopefully in the next episode.

  7. anthony

    dharma is reborn in the form of the new losties, they finally found a way to regain the island, Ms Hawkins is the instigator of this new group, her motives yet undisclosed but i believe that the factions divide like locke and jack between faith and science,what lies in the shadow of the statue is nothing but a coded message to determine who is part of the team,there is a war coming and locke will lead the fight for the island and strangly enough so will jack, i believe that then we will see faradays true colours,i believe the purge will happen again and the battleof faith again science will end the same with another purge this is what i believe love the podcast

  8. Chris

    I agree with anthony, I think the new group is the reborn dharma being helped by Ms Hawking.

    I like your idea about the war between faith and science. How this breaks down the characters we know will be interesting.

  9. Chris

    One more thing, I also agree that the question, ‘What lies in the shadow of the statue’ is nothing more than a coded message used to identify fellow new dharma type people.

  10. Donald, I was wondering after I left that post where the crap that website gets some of its information for these large assumptions they make. But, still, good food for thought.

  11. well.. it’s like I knew!

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