“Some Like It Hoth” Discussion

Finally, the Miles-centric episode I had been hoping for! I had been looking forward to finding out more about Miles and how his “gift” works. What did you all think about the way Hurley compares his talking to dead people with Miles’ gift? Who do Bram and his cronies work for? (I’m thinking Ben, since Miles asked Ben for that $3.2 million.) What will Sawyer and Juliet do with Phil? (Uh-oh!) There were lots of great moments in the episode, Star Wars references, tons of the numbers, more daddy issues… And at the end, who should appear but Daniel Faraday! Where has he been, and for how long, and why is he back??

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19 responses to ““Some Like It Hoth” Discussion

  1. underdogtn

    I really enjoyed this episode. I think I liked it better than last week. the stuff with miles and hurley was awsome!. Now I’m wondering if the people, that kidnapped miles, are the new Dharma or if they are apart of a new group that has yet to be seen. love the podcast keep up that good work.

  2. underdogtn – Some of the stuff that they were saying when they had Miles in the van did sound very “hippie-ish” so you might be on to something there.

  3. So do you think we’ve just been introduced to a third party that wants control of the island or maybe its the reconstituted D.I. they both use code phrases.Idon’t know.

  4. Jason

    Well I am probably beginning to sound like a looping record, but I have to say it. Another great episode. I really enjoyed getting some back story on Miles. I thought it was kind of an odd choice to have young Miles (I guess he was supposed to be a teenager) into piercings and the whole punk look kinda thing going on. I am not really sure what they were going for, except maybe a creative way to make him look younger. Anyways…..
    So on to the big stuff,
    We know Bram is working with Ilana and we saw tonight that Bram and a group of masked guys gave Miles a subtle warning before he left for the island on the freighter. So if Bram and Ilana are not working for Widmore, then who are they working for? My guess is that they are with Richard and his group of others. Is Ben still apart of that group? Is Locke officially the leader of that group now?
    Roger Linus is suspicious. Phil saw the surveillance tape. So a few more holes in the dam. Sawyer is going to run out of fingers to plug up all these leaks.
    And along comes Daniel, who is just back from Ann Arbor, and apparently no longer distraught and crazy over Charlotte’s death. Which is a good thing, because after all it has been three years. But just exactly what has he been up to?
    Favorite moment of the episode was Hurley, Miles, and Chang riding in the van. Watching Miles squirm as Hurley tries to strike up a conversation with Chang was priceless. And the whole thing with Hurley writing Empire Strikes Back to help George Lucus out was hilarious.
    Anyways…. great episode… can’t wait for the podcast.

  5. Justin

    This was not a spectacular episode, but it did yield some interesting information, such as the fact that Widmore’s people were paying Miles $1.6 million to help find Ben. Miles demanded $3.2 million dollars from Ben to break him out in Season 4. That’s exactly double Miles’ fee from Widmore. Probably not a coincidence.

    Also, the fact that Miles was born on the island might explain how he got his paranormal powers.

    I agree with daveindetroit and Jason—I think the scene with Miles in the van all but confirms the existence of a third faction in the war. I think Illana is almost certainly a member of this third party, and I expect we’ll learn more about this faction in two weeks.

  6. I thought Some Like It Hoth was a weak episode. Not a bad episode, but just not the episode to follow last week’s amazing, Dead Is Dead. This dramatic character driven episode seemed to slow the momentum the season has built over the past weeks. Maybe if the episode had aired a few weeks back, it would fit in a little better.

    And while I appreciate the great back story of Miles’ anger toward his father, I can’t ignore the awful presentation of answers we got for long standing questions. Season 4 kept begging the question, “Who planted the fake Flight 815 plane?”, “Is it Ben or is it Widmore?”, “Don’t trust the captain!” And tonight we find out from a ‘dead man reading’, “oh yeah, it was Widmore”. Lame.

    And finally, Hurley writing Empire Strikes Back was not cute or insightful to the Miles story, it was extremely corny filler. There is a difference between the clever subtle references and the unnecessarily, heavy handedly embrace of Star Wars. LOST finally crossed that not so fine line.

  7. One more smart remark from me. I think the episode might have lost a lot of impact since anyone who saw the Comic Con video from last summer, pretty much called it that ‘Miles was Chang’s son’.

  8. annainindiana

    Dave – for the passphrase, I felt like Bram was somehow in the know about the secret question used by “the other team”. Maybe he was using the question to see how deep Miles’ involvement was, and found it shallow and decided to go with the what-does-your-heart-need speech rather than more drastic forms of persuasion. Or maybe the passphrase started as a code for a group that eventually split into two factions…one belonging to Ben, the other belonging to Widmore…or even three…

    Cokelogic – Re: Miles’ reading of the body in the restaurant: was it proven to us that Widmore planted it, or just that this guy was carrying all that info to Widmore? When I rewatch tomorrow I will pay close attention, but my impression was that it could have gone either way; it could have been that someone else planted the plane and Widmore was just gathering that information.

  9. djchau

    I thought this episode was great. Miles and Daniel were always the two back stories that people wanted to know so much about.

    Pairing Miles with Hurley was perfect for both comedic action and ability to discuss Miles powers and background in a non serious manner. If he had this discussion with any other of the losties they would probably be freaked out or something.

    The part of Hurley seeing them put the numbers on the hatch was awesome. And the scene of miles talking to the dead guy supporting the facts in the episode meet Kevin Johnson of tom saying that widmore faked the plane crash. I’m guessing Tom was the one who killed that guy and took the pictures and purchase order that he later showed to Michael. I always love it when they have scenes of things we know will come out to the present. Hope they show the scene in future episodes of Razitsky painting the hatch door map.

    The scene with the van is pushing the theory that they are with the Dharma Initiative or maybe Hanso foundation. They weren’t with Widmore and I don’t think they are with Ben but knew a lot about Miles and his background. The war they refer to I believe will be between them and the others. And that Ben and Widmore are both preparing for this war but are playing on thier own teams and think the island belongs to them.

    Miles asking Ben for 3.2 million was just his conteroffer for him to turn his back on Widmore just like he offered the people in the van if they wanted him to not take the job on the boat trip. Thats typical Miles, for him to turn his back on the people he is working for they have to offer him more money they he is currently getting.

    For Miles story, this is what I’m thinking. According to the video at comic con from the summer we know that Daniel will tell Pierre Chang about the purge so I’m guessing he ships his wife and son off the island to protect them. We may even see Miles maybe tell Pierre who he is and what happens in the future telling him that he has to ship him and his wife off the island.

    I’m guessing that they are building the swan station in the hostile territory they aren’t suppose to be in that’s why its hidden. The guy who died must have been working near the site since his death was caused by magnetic force ripping his filling out through his head. Ouch.

    What’s causing this magnetic force. I don’t think its the same energy as in the exotic energy from the orchid.

  10. Jamal

    Hi Anna,

    This is Jamal again from Amsterdam the Netherlands.
    I’m loved this episode ( lol I love all lost episode regardless :P). But still hehe lost rocks.
    But let me start off with telling u that I think that episodes where john lock and Ben are acting are sweet but hehe Hurley and Miles damn there a good couple to one so serious the other has he’s chill hippie ways gots to love those conversations.

    I really enjoyed this miles-centric-episode good to know the things we already expected came true. What was even sweeter and very smart handles by the writers was bringing back the dude we saw last week with Elana. We didn’t knew who he was and where he came from but with this episode it shows us they where always planning to go to the island was just uber cool to hear the riddle again and telling miles he isn’t ready to go back. Are these dudes’ & gals maybe working for the Economist?

    Like Jason said earlier. It just funny how Hurley tries to cheat change time, by rewriting The Empire Strikes back. Maybe he wants to see if that would actually work. That was just priceless.

    So miles was born on the Island and has he’s special powers does this mean Hurley was born here as well or did he get he’s speaking to dead people like lock gradually while being on the island?

    It was cool to see that Ben not always lies he told us that the plane was planted by Widmore and from the knowledge we get from Miles when he talks to the dead dude this seems to be correct. So I’m really anxious to see how that plays out. Maybe the leader of the third group is one of our losties from 815:P (just blabbering now )…

    I think the guy that got shot and shipped by miles in the fan was killed my DI while he discovered the secret building site they had to shoot him otherwise the location in Others territory would have been blown and the hatch would never been build so R.I.P

    Oke I have written down a lot of crazy stuff to day love your show love lost have fun I’m back to work again: P


  11. Great episode!

    So are we meant to think that long haired Faraday (in the photo at the university) is actually future Faraday??

  12. Harriet

    Cokelogic, I agree with your annoyance over the Star Wars reference. While I totally loved this episode, I did not love that part. You would think that if Hurley really watched Empire Strikes Back 200 times, that he would have a little better understanding of the plot. Darth Vader wanted to bring Luke over to the dark side and Luke bravely resisted. “Talking” to him wouldn’t have worked. I can’t imagine that any true Star Wars fan would have appreciated this parallel. But no one ever said Hurley was the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

    Hurley’s Ewoks line was the only part about the episode that bothered me. Otherwise, I loved it from beginning to end. My favorite scene was probably Dr. Chang reading to, laughing, and loving baby Miles. Who would have thought that Marvin Candle had a soft side?!

  13. Gunns Bakardy

    Hey guys!

    I think Hurley and Miles’ gifts are similar, but different. I imagine that we’ll see more of them hanging out, discussing their abilities, and learning tips from each other in a mutually beneficial manner. Do these powers have anything to do with the ability to find the cabin? Hurley is one of the few who have located it. Is Miles able to do so also? If so, what significance would this have? Maybe you’ll have visitors. ; )

    I think Bram and Ilana’s group is affiliated with Ben or the DI. Actually, I’m leaning more towards Ben. The fact that they were asking each other the shadow question on the island indicated to me that they did not necessarily know each other prior to 316, and maybe they don’t really know that Ben is their boss. He is, after all, The Man Behind The Curtain. Perhaps it was the mysterious Gabriel and Jeffrey’s task to recruit the members of this group.

    I am so jazzed to see Faraday back. My guess is that he took the submarine offer from Horace in 1974. What was he doing off the island? I’m not sure, but he’s returned as a scientist from Ann Arbor. I’m curious about his motivation at this point. Is saving Charlotte still his prime directive? How does this tie in to his crying spell upon learning of the 815 crash? I think Daniel and Desmond, though absent for much of the middle of the season, will play major roles in the endgame of season 5. This will involve the Orchid and its ability to get ’77ers and the ’07ers back together. What an amazing season of an amazing show. The last few episodes are going to be dynamite!

    Thanks, guys. I really love the thoughtfulness and intelligence you bring to the table.

  14. Gene in Sacramento

    If I were Roger (heaven forbid!), rather than wondering abot Kate, my suspicions would be on Jin. He’s pretty much disappeared since he brought back the wounded Ben, and I’d begin to doubt Jin’s whole story about what happened.

    I assume that he’s still put looking for Sun, since he never had time alone with Sayid to get more details.

    My favorite line: “The ditch had a gun?”

  15. blaqbird

    I don’t have much to say about this episode except that it was great! I’m so glad we got a Miles-centric episode and it was nice to discover that he’s always had a snarky attitude. Anywho I think most of my comments are in the form of questions so here it goes:

    *How is it that Miles saw himself as a baby? I thought that this aspect of time travel was impossible…guess not.

    *Why did Kate have such a hard time lying to Roger Linus? She spent years on the run and lied to everyone about Aaron being her son…why couldn’t she fake it for him?

    *Why is Hurley so awesome? Just when I thought we were going to get emotional insight into Hurley’s feelings, it turns out that his mind was focused on Chewbacca and Ewoks…I cracked up! Love that guy.

    *What illness did Mama Miles suffer from? I guess we could assume that it was cancer, but she was on the island so who knows…

    *And why is Naomi’s wig so bad? I noticed this last season as well. It looks like too much hair to be on her head…

    *A couple of episodes ago, Sawyer accused Jack of reacting instead of thinking before acting which caused a lot of people to be killed. Well I’d say Sawyer punching Phil wasn’t something he took time to think about…i’m just saying…still love Sawyer though…

    Okay that’s all that I have. Can’t wait for the episode!


  16. Jason

    Ilana and Bram. Ok they don’t work for Widmore because of Bram’s warning to Miles.
    I don’t think they are Dharma, because if Dharma was still had any power, wouldn’t they have control of the Lamp Post Station?
    Could they be a part of something Mr. Paik is doing? I guess, but besides being a big part of the Sun and Jin story, we just haven’t seen Paik do anything much relating directly to the island.
    Are they a brand new group? Possible, I guess, but do we really need a new group introduced so late into the story?
    Do they work for Ben? I think so. We know Ben had Jill the butcher and others off island. It would also explain how they knew about flight 316. “What lies in the shadow of the statue” sounds like something the others might come up with.
    Or maybe they don’t work for Ben, but I think they are definitely others. So do they work for Richard or Locke.

    I am a little surprised to hear Star Wars fans not liking the references in this episode. I thought they were good. And actually a nice parallel between father/son problems in Star Wars and father/son problems in LOsT.

  17. Chris

    I think Ilana and Bram are Dharma people working for Ms. Hawking!

    That’s my theory and I and sticking with it.

  18. BeachBum in SC

    Love the Podcasts, but this is the firstime on the blog.
    I really believe that Ilana and Bram are part of the reconstituted DI, but I don’t know why Eloise would be a part of it, as she was an original Other. The box probably contains needed electronics to help run the experiments that they need to complete to reach the original objectives of the old DI.
    We know that Daniel has been away for a while, but we don’t know how long. We know he was in ’74 and, in ’77, Sawyer indicates that Daniel is gone. We just don’t know when he left.
    Thanks for the voice and we’ll catch you on the next ‘cast.

  19. Kevin MacKracken

    I have been a avid LOST fan for 4 years. Arranging my schedule around Wednesdays at 9 and for a season Thursdays. I have loved ALL the episodes The Constant, The Other Woman, Through the Looking Glass, etc.

    However, this episode (Some Like It Hoth) was really boring, uninteresting, and frustrating.

    If there is another episode like this one, I will have to loose LOST. This episode was slow boring not interest in driving the story forward. The same daddy issues over and over again. I am fine with leaving things a mystery but do not answer the most uninteresting questions (Mile’s request for 3.2 million).

    I think if Hurley’s back story of what brought him back to the island again were coupled with this episode and the Ewok line removed I would not have such an issue with it.

    How can anyone say they are a true star Wars fan and think Ewoks suck? Maybe because they gave their lives for being they just met after a day. They were the beings that helped Leia and Solo being down the Shield Generator to enable The Rebels to bring down the Deathstar 2. Do courageous and loyal beings really suck? If Hurley think he is better than the Ewoks there would be no hesitation in jumping out of the helicopter to help his friends he knew for over 3 months.

    The Ewoks represented a how one should never judge a book by its cover. The will of the people (Ewoks) as long as the journey, the fight, is a just one could topple a greater force.

    Message to Hurley: Stop being so stupid.

    With LOST I am getting bored fast.

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