Consider that my apology!

In episode 14 of Jacob’s Cabin, our format undergoes a slight revision: first on the agenda is a great episode discussion with Denise, followed by my responses to listener feedback, and then the character awards as usual. Vote on the character award poll here. Also, if you like the changes to the podcast’s format, let us know!

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4 responses to “Consider that my apology!

  1. I loved this episode! Very well acted by Michael Emerson. That man can lie (unfortunately) like nobody’s business! I love just watching him and thinking, “he’s lying now, no…he’s lying now!”

  2. Jed

    I am in the middle of your show – your idea of the crate containing Jacob’s remains is absolutely fantastic! Jacob’s remains have to be in the promised land – embalmed in Egypt and then buried somewhere else …


    I am with Denise – my brain just exploded.

    I think you have nailed this – we are going to see the remains laid to rest and the resurrection of Jacob.


    Great job Anna – back to your show.


  3. mb

    Hey Anna and Denise,
    mb from the Lost Initiative podcast here (I do the spoiler segment) Enjoying Jacobs Cabin! Got tipped off to listen and have been listening since ep. 2 – thanks for the podcast (it is a decent amount of work I know).

    Just wanted to add my 2 cents in on a couple of things:

    – What lies in the shadow of the statue? – the donkey wheel. That’s where the well was that led Locke to the underground chamber (i.e. they were standing where the well had been a moment before – then it disappeared after one of the flashes and Sawyer was left still holding the well rope when Miles points them to the back of the statue) . So I wonder why the statue was built in front of the donkey wheel and whatever power/energy it controls – was this by design? And which came first the wheel or the statue? Hmmmm. Now Ilana and Co. seem to not only be aware of the statue which is no longer there (save the foot), but of the Donkey Wheel also.

    – As far as who Ilana and co. are – too soon to know of course, but the best idea I have heard is that they are part of a reconstituted Dharma Initiative and are about to initiate the beginning of “the War” which Widmore told Locke about. This would make sense – perhaps the DI are trying to re-inhabit the island and plan to kill the Others as retribution for The Purge.
    I don’t think Ilana and co. are Widmore’s goons though, mainly b/c of Widmore’s disclosure to Locke (in ‘the Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”) that a war is coming and Widmore wants John on-island (I assume to lead the Others instead of Ben) so that the “right” side will win (his quote is that if John ISN’T there, “the wrong side will win”). So I’m assuming that Widmore is on John and the Others side (even though he doesn’t want Ben involved I’m sure). I would also assume that if Ilana was working for Widmore (like Abbadon or Naomi and the Freighter people) she would have been informed of who Locke was and would have been less suspicious of him as she seems to have been (along with Cesar).

    Anyway – sorry to be so long-winded – I tend to do that at times 🙂 loving the podcast. Thanks!

  4. I like the idea of remains or something being in the crate, but how would they have gotten the remains on the plane? The X-ray would give it away. It has to be something that would pass an X-ray….or……My theory that Ilana and the “others” are sent by Widmore and Widdy might even own Ajira. Think about it, Ben made a dumb move by saying he was going back to the Island, a little research of planes flying that day and a check of the manifest and he would see that Bens name and the Oceanic 6 were all on the same flight. Ben knew when Jack bought a ticket so its logical Widmore would know if Ben or the o-6 bought one, right?

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