Jacob’s Cabin visits Lost Revisited Now

Last Saturday evening, Denise and I had the privilege of joining Heath and Ms. Wendy on the Lost Revisited Now podcast! It was so much fun, and we appreciate their willingness to invite us to hang out on their show. Thanks to those of you who showed up in the chat! If you missed the show, download the mp3, or get it through the Jacob’s Cabin itunes feed.

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And don’t forget to visit Ms. Wendy’s blog, It’s About Bunnies!



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2 responses to “Jacob’s Cabin visits Lost Revisited Now

  1. Thank you, Anna and Denise for stopping by the show. Heath and I had a great time chatting LOST with you both. And thanks for the “plugs” … always appreciated. 🙂

    ” Jacob’s Cabin” is such a terrific podcast. Really enjoy listening to your thoughts on LOST, character awards and the occasional need for Anna to “wax poetic” about the episode. 🙂

    Ms. Wendy

  2. annainindiana

    Aww, thanks, Ms. Wendy! We really enjoy your podcast as well and look forward to it every week. Even if I listen live I usually go back and listen again…and I always pick up something new!

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