“Whatever Happened, Happened” Discussion

Great episode! Finally the mystery of Kate and Aaron is solved, but there is a new mystery…why was Kate flirting with Roger Linus?! What stood out to you from the conversations between Hurley and Miles? Is that the temple that Richard is taking Ben to, and what exactly does it mean that he “won’t be the same” and will “lose his innocence”? I thought the Others were the good guys with the moral high ground; are they all altered in some terrible way? Is the temple a rite of passage for becoming an other? Are Charles and Ellie co-leaders of the Others? At least we know Alpert doesn’t have to answer to them. What did you think of Jack’s behavior?

Thoughts? Comments? Questions? Answers?
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11 responses to ““Whatever Happened, Happened” Discussion

  1. Jason

    Kate may not like the new Jack but I sure do. It really seems like Jack is on the faith path now. I was glad to hear him say that it really doesn’t matter what they do.

    Ben’s bullet wound seems to be in a totally different place than the previous episode. It’s weird but I am not going to rack my brain trying to figure out if it means anything, because I don’t think it does.

    Hurley theorizing about time travel with miles was awesome. I really enjoyed their talk, and even though it kind of had a comedic tone it made sense to me. And is very close to my thoughts on how all this time travel and possible paradoxes is going to work.

    Kate telling the truth to Claire’s mom and giving her Aaron to take care of is fine and perfectly logical, but it is stupid for Kate to have told Jack “Don’t ever ask me that!” the night before they got on flight 316. Kate was acting like Aaron was kidnapped or dead when she was with Jack. So I have to call the writers out on that, because now it seems obvious that the only reason they wrote the line “Don’t ever ask me that!” was to throw us viewers off of the logical answer that she just gave Aaron to his grandmother. But I think most us figured this was the most logical thing for her to have done with Aaron anyway. The only thing that kept some of us in doubt was the crazy way Kate was acting with Jack. Anyways I guess that is a big enough rant for that…..

    Ben and Locke cliff hanger was awesome. They could have easily just ended the episode with Richard taking Ben into the Temple, but I was really glad to see that tiny little scene with Ben and Locke. And what a great line Locke had “Welcome back to the land of the living.” Awesome.

  2. Jason

    Oh I forgot one thing.
    The biggest mystery for this episode was the few lines that Richard Alpert said when taking Ben from Kate and Sawyer.
    The whole, he’ll lose his innocence, he will never be the same again, and especially the part about not remembering any of this.
    Any of what??

    This episode was making a lot of sense to me with the exception of those few lines by Alpert.

  3. Hey Anna! I’m just started listening to your podcast a few weeks ago, and I’m glad to have discovered another place to hear about LOST.

    Anywho I just wanted to say that tonight’s episode was awesome! Honestly, I think every episode is awesome, but this one made me sooooo happy!

    Best moment: Sawyer finally calling Kate “Freckles”. My heart melted…

    I’m glad we finally got to see what happened with Kate and Aaron…I was also a little surprised to see that Kate and Cassidy had become such good friends. I truly thought that Cassidy would somehow betray Kate after finding out the truth about the survivors on the island…guess that’s Lost for ya. It’s taught me to be suspicious of everyone. 🙂

    Can I say for the record that Jack is amazing? I’ve been a huge player for Team Jack since Season One, and it’s nice to see him come full circle. Many of the fans completely bashed him and were excited to see him put in his place by Sawyer, but I don’t think they were looking at it from the correct angle. Everyone blamed Jack for getting the survivors killed and not thinking before acting. This is true, BUT look at what he had to deal with: smoke monster, polar bear, the Others, sicknesses, people dying, and a mysterious hatch. The told Locke in the first season that he didn’t want to be their leader, but he was practically forced to do so, and I think he lead according what he believed to be right. What does Sawyer (now LeFleur) have to deal with? He’s at a complete advantage because he’s on the other side and has a knowledge of what will happen. He isn’t fearful of the unknown. And it seems to me that the only thing he’s had to deal with is Horace throwing firecrackers everywhere and maybe an encounter or two with the Others. I’d like to see how Sawyer would handle the situation after Oceanic 815 crashed and placed in Jack’s position. I think he’s getting to see that now. So anyways I just think that people need to stop and fully examine the situation before going ballastic about Jack and his leadership qualities. He did what he had to do, and now he’s realized his mistakes and is going to do things differently…that’s a true and wise leader.

    (By the way, I love how he’s turning into John Locke).

    Overall this episode was right on track with what they have coming up, and I’m excited to see what’s next…preferably how Hurley ended up at the airport. I guess this comment has gone on long enought. So keep the good work and I can’t wait for the next podcast!


  4. I love the new comedy team of Hurley & Miles.

  5. Justin Sightes

    This episode totally made up for last week’s rather terrible one. It may even have been the best this season.

    I’m glad we found out what happened to Aaron, and I now have much more sympathy for Kate, and the way she was acting the night before the 316 flight now makes much more sense.

    I am so sick of Jack Shephard, I could vomit. As far as I’m concerned he and Sayid can be written of f the show anytime. Thankfully, Juliet and Sawyer were there to clean up Sayid’s mess, even though the “hero” Jack wouldn’t help a defenseless child.

  6. Gene Frazier

    When Hugo and Miles were debating the effects of time travel, I began to think of how much Charlie would have loved to get in on that one! I, for one, still miss his little sarcastic comments.

    BTW, will we ever find out what the “Others/Hostiles” actually call themselves?!

    It’s good to see that Kate is still relevant to the story, by finally doing something important (and unselfish).

    Brilliant episode!!!

  7. Chris

    Quick question: From what we now know, did the 815 survivors actually create the (evil) Ben we know?

  8. Jed

    Fantastic episode – there are many great points to hit, but one I am willing to highlight is the treatment of Roger Linus! I am so glad the creators stepped in and did a little course correction on how Roger was handled in “He’s Our You.” Roger’s story is compelling – losing his love on the day Ben was born – living out a very lonely and sad existence on the island… only to die by the hand of his only son. I am glad he is not just a one dimensional monster (not that his actions are not monstrous at times).

    I am sure everyone will be talking about Ben “losing his innocence.” So, now evil or Other-focused Ben is to return to the DI… to shun Annie… to begin planning the death of them all.

    Wow – just an amazing story woven together in such a fascinating puzzled way. LOST is brilliant.

  9. djchau

    Compared to the last episode this was a step up and I really liked this episode. The Kate back story was pretty much expected but believable. I know there was so many theories out there of how Aaron was gone but sometimes the simplest explanation is the best and believable. I could get on board of how Kate realizes she was being selfish in keeping Aaron and how it can’t last. And going back to the island to find Claire was very believable and made me have faith in Kate in a person.

    Now all the other things in the episode was great. So first I want to come to the defense of Jack who Kate, Juliette, and even Sawyer was on his case for not helping out with Ben. Probably back then before he left the island that Jack who Sawyer described jump into decisions very easily would have saved him but remember this is a different Jack. Not a man of science but now a man of faith. He knows things aren’t just logical now anymore and he has to base things on faith like Locke did and that’s why he went back to the island because he feels he is meant to do something. Also, Jack is a workman and if he came in saving Ben. How the heck can Sawyer explain to everyone like Horace that this workman has the ability of a surgeon. With Juliette it was easy because they crashed there and Juliette could have been a doctor but Jack came there as a recruit to be a workman. But the best zinger part was when Kate goes during the discussion that she liked the old Jack better and he comeback saying no you didn’t like the old Jack either. Which is right.

    Best part of the episode was the encounter with the others. One thing that bugs me is that Juliette mentions that maybe the others can save Ben. Now Juliette must know all this information about the island and the others and is going on the notion of need to know basis. I would hope that during those three years she was nice enough to tell Sawyer all she knows about what she knows about the island and the others.

    But anyways, I find it interesting that they mad eit a point to show when Richard appears that Sawyer goes who where did you come from. Like he appeared out of no where. It leads to my theory that maybe he is maybe like Christian Shepard or maybe part smoke monster. It is clear now that Christian can move around and even pick things up like the lamp or picture frame so he can exist in the real world. And that he appears to anybody not just people who knew him like he did to Sun and Lapidas.

    Love the expression on Sawyer’s and Kate’s face when Richard tells them that if he heals him then he won’t be the same and he will truly be a other just like them forever. So basically they turned him into the evil man that they will meet eventually in the future. I thought it was weird that Kate didn’t even hesitate and gave him up.

    Now good part of the scene was that Richard says Ben wouldn’t remember what happened would could answer what Miles and Hurley were debating about how Ben doesn’t know Sayid in the future because his memory of all this was gone.

    I find it interesting how one of the others speaks out and says should we discuss this with Charles and Ellie (I’m guessing there are referring to Widmore and Ms. Hawkings) So I guess they are somehow in charge of the others at that point. But the interesting part is how Richard speaks out saying he doesn’t answer to them. It seems Richard doesn’t approve of them as the leaders. I’m guessing Richard pulls in Ben and helps him become the leaders of the others just like how Richard in season three helped Locke pretty much try to become the leaders of the others by helping him kill his father.

    I’m guessing Richard is taking Ben to the smoke monster to do his voodoo magic on him to heal him but will end up changed kinda like how the French crew was changed when they went down in the temple.

    Looking forward to your podcast and theories on all this.

    Miles and Hurley conversation was priceless. They pretty much represented the audience have been thinking throughout the start of the season with all the time shifts.

  10. Rachel

    All of a sudden I don’t trust Juliet anymore. ….OK, I never did trust her. I mean, she lived with the “others” all those years. What made her so eager to send Ben to them? Doesn’t she know he will “lose his innocence”? Is that better than dying?

  11. Ali

    Now we all know, why ben is evil!!! When richard took ben to the tomb, smoke monster probably did something to him that caused him to lose his innocent.

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