Take your lunch, Phil!

In this episode of Jacob’s Cabin, I enumerate the ABCs of “He’s Our You” (can I use the word “enumerate” when speaking about the alphabet?), give some impressions on the episode, respond to listener feedback, discuss various aspects of the episode with Denise, and nominate two people for this episode’s good character award. Vote on the new character award poll here.

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9 responses to “Take your lunch, Phil!

  1. Chris

    Hello Anna,

    I think the lines changing (like when Sayeed changed his line at the pier) are subtle hints of the future being changed by past events.

    BTW, I just heard on Donald is lost that you and he got married. Congrats!

  2. Chris

    I just realized I spelled Sayid wrong, don’t tell him, he might come shoot me.

  3. annainindiana

    Hey Chris,

    I won’t tell Sayid that you spelled his name wrong, no worries.
    So do you think just little changes are all that can happen? Nothing major, like someone dying?
    And…thanks for the congrats. I have yet to listen to that podcast…

  4. Chris

    I don’t know how far it can (or will) go, but I think they are starting to get us used to the idea and I expect to see it happen on a bigger (or at least more noticable) scale.

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes and gifts from everyone.

  6. annainindiana

    Gifts? What gifts? Hey…I think this is all just a long con by Donald so that he can get presents.

  7. Justin Sightes

    I honestly think the Sayid line-changes were just a way of shortening the dialogue. I’ve noticed this a couple times before in the “Previously on Lost” segments (don’t ask me which episodes specifically—I have no idea!). I think it’s just a way of saving time.

    On shows like this, tons of great material ends up on the cutting room floor because the editors had to shave off a few extra seconds—they’d naturally want to limit the amount of time wasted on the recap.

  8. Tinythebodyguard

    Congrats to Mr and Missus Indiana!
    Oh and I did like the episode, hope the writers know where they are going with this stuff. I think they do though so we will see! Later!

  9. Chris

    I don’t buy the idea that they did it to save time. They will cut scenes and make them shorter, but these changes don’t save them any time. Why go and reshoot a scene to make a change in dialouge that is meaningless. They know people pick apart every scene in this show. I think these changes are intentional and are either showing us that some things can change or they are simply tricking us for their own entertainment.

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