“He’s Our You” Discussion

“He’s Our You” was not as action-packed as I expected, but ended well. Is Ben really going to be dead, or will the island keep him alive for further purposes? Who is this Oldham character, and why does he live in a teepee? Who is Ilana ultimately working for? Any thoughts on Sayid’s nature and his perceived purpose?

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13 responses to ““He’s Our You” Discussion

  1. Jason

    So the more we see of Dharma’s daily operations the more I am really surprised at how it is nothing like the scientific community I thought it was. Also, why exactly is Horace in charge? How come Pierre Chang wasn’t at the midnight meeting to vote on whether or not they should kill Sayid. And was it just me or did it not seem like Amy’s say in the meeting carried a lot of weight? What is her position in Dharma?

    Ok, so the cliffhanger. Little Ben can’t die can he?
    It looked like Sayid shot little Ben right in the heart. Can the island heal such a major wound that quickly?
    When it became apparent that Sayid was going to shoot little Ben, I was thinking well the gun isn’t going to work like we have seen with Micheal in the past. (or future actually )
    But then he really did shoot him, and I don’t know what to think.
    We know Ben grows up and he is currently at the hydra station in the present with the other Ajira survivors so…. what the heck?

    I think little Ben has to survive somehow. Maybe the island can keep him alive long enough for someone to save him through surgery. Now who do we know in Dharma Town that is a surgeon? hmm… let me think……

  2. Jason

    Oh, and one other thing. Did anyone else notice this or did I just hear this wrong.
    ok, they replayed part of the scene from a previous episode where Ben, Sayid, Kate, and Jack are on some boat dock in LA. Then Sun comes up and points a gun at Ben. I am pretty sure that in the episode when this was first shown Sayid tells both Ben and Jack that if he ever sees either of them again it will be very unpleasant for all of them.
    This time he says it only to Ben. It was something like if I see you again it will be very unpleasant for both of us.

    Why the change?

  3. Justin Sightes

    I didn’t like the ending at all. The Ben that got shot was just an innocent kid, and while Sayid was a killer, this is really a new low for him.

  4. annainindiana

    Jason, I noticed that too about the dock scene. I’ll watch it again in the morning, but for now I’m thinking they just cut out a second or two for the sake of time and not being overly repetitive, like they did with the Hawking/inside the church scene.

  5. annainindiana

    Ooh, wait. I just checked the transcript on Lostpedia, and it says “it will be extremely unpleasant for ALL of us” while he addresses both Ben and Jack. Hmm…

  6. Sayid doesn’t know who Richard is does he? I pretty sure they never met.

  7. martin

    Is Ben dead, or is this another long con of Sawyer? If I was Sawyer, I would have filled all the guns with blanks. Damage without death. I don’t think little Ben died in this way.
    And what was LSD and real in Sahyeds mind?

  8. Jackie

    Anna said “Any thoughts on Sayid’s nature and his perceived purpose?”

    Sayid thinks that his purpose is to kill Ben and prevent the Purge. The fact that he mentions to Ilana on the plane that Ben was responsible for genocide shows us that he blames Ben for the Purge. Ironically, by killing Ben, Sayid may end up ultimately causing the Purge. The Dharma Initiative will be very angry that the Hostiles killed or almost killed one of their children. I predict that this will lead to the increase in hostilities that ultimately ends in the Purge.

    Thus we could say that by trying to prevent the Purge, Sayid causes it. His nature is being shown to be very morally relativistic. He says he wants to change from being a killer, yet he ends up killing a child. Like Eko, he comes to think that his killing is somehow justified. Sayid is definitely going down a dark path.

  9. I think you may be right Jackie even though the purge is still 10 years away & “The Incident” hasn’t happened yet either two very major events. I don’t think Sayid gave it that much thought.He hates Ben he saw an oppertunity & took it.

  10. djchau

    This was not a terrible episode but didn’t really keep by attention that much probably because there was really no surprises. Probably because I wanted more or was expected more from the back story of Sayid and Ben and they honestly didn’t say much. It was more like a character back story for Sayid. I mean he gets angry and distrustful against Ben because he says he doesn’t have to kill anymore. It doesn’t make too much sense. And why doesn’t Sayid go after Widmore the top boss of all this. Why kill everyone in Widmore’s circle when you leave the top guy there to just rebuild his gang of sorts. It could be due to the fact that Widmore can’t be killed like in the conversation in the penhouse where Ben goes you know I can’t kill you.

    For the bounty hunter I don’t think Ben was behind it. When did he have the time? At the boat dock he was surprised that Sayid was leaving. From the boat dock he went with Jack and Sun to the church and then after had to handle some personal business. There was no way he can set that up with the bounty hunter because she meets him right after Sayid leaves the dock preseumely. It only makes sense if Ben knew well before hand what flight they needed to take and prepared the bounty hunter as a backup if he couldn’t get Sayid to go with them. but I’m pushing for it was setup by Widmore who remembers helps people get where they need to go.

    In thing I liked that they cleared up was that Sawyer is aware of young Ben being there so I guess Juliet knows as well since he wasn’t surprised when Sayid told him he just met a young Ben. I’m guessing messing with young Ben is like one of those things Daniel said you shouldn’t mess with. It then leads to the question, how the heck does Ben survive this. He got shot in the chest. The gun didn’t jam up to save him and it’s not like Locke where he was saved by a missing kidney. It’s not like Ben has no heart but I wouldn’t be surprised it is going on blogs saying that’s why he’s so evil because he has no heart and it helps him survive this. Then again this show can do anything even resurrect a man who supposedly died already. So what do I know.

    Theres only two options I’m going for is one it would be that it missed his heart but is saved by Dharma which would be ironic if it was Jack or Juliet who saves his life but then wouldn’t Ben then be grateful for Dharma for saving his life and be angry toward the hostiles for trying to kill him.

    The other option which I feel better for is that he gets saved by the hostiles some how and that’s why he grows more on their side.

    I just hope Sayid doesn’t turn into another Micheal where do you support what he did even though it meant killing a innocent person for a overall good cause.

    For Oldham, did you get a chance to see his work title on his jump suit. What’s his job exactly? Is he part security?

    The only thing that kept me still interested in the episode was finding out more about the truce between them and the hostiles. How was it created and what are the exact rules? The Dharma territory that the hostiles can’t pass is it only the barracks or does it include the stations which is pretty much scattered throughout the whole island including the small island and the looking glass in the water.

    In this episode, I really got to feel bad for Sawyer. He’s trying to protect his new life and could have easily have gone with the program and let them get rid of Sayid but at the end he did try to save Sayid by letting him go. I’m just glad Jack and Kate didn’t take things in their own hands and try to save him knowing how bad that would have turned out.

  11. Kyote Fields

    The question is not will this change the future, but how will the writers course correct.

  12. I think the question is not course correction, but how did Ben survive. He obviously did not die, because he is alive in 2004. So since he didn’t die, there is nothing to course correct this always happened.

  13. Ian in Ithaca

    I agree that Ben can’t die. The island will probably help keep him alive until Jin regains consciousness, and he will bring young Ben to Juliet, who will remove the bullet and save his life. When Harper tells Juliet “You look just like her” maybe she is referring to the hot blond Dharma woman who saved his life after he was shot in the heart.

    Richard tells John Locke that the others were excited when they learned that a paralyzed 815 survivor could walk once on the island. Maybe they were also excited to learn of a young Dharma boy who survived a gunshot to the heart, and Ben uses this miracle to weasel his way into control of the others, or maybe it is perceived as a sign to the others that he was meant to be their leader, or at the very least that he is special and very important to the island.

    One more thing, when we see Ben get on flight 316 he kinda sneers at Sayeed. I think Ben saw Sayeed in his purple shirt, and was immediately reminded of the caged Iraqi who he was so eager to help. Maybe Ben put Sayeed through so much torment out of revenge for shooting him when he was young. When Lapidis asks Ben if he knows where the Oceanic 4 disappeared to and Ben says “How should I know?” I think we can be pretty sure he knows exactly where they wound up.

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