“Namaste” Discussion

What did you think of Lost episode 5×9, “Namaste”? Any reveals that surprised you? Things you liked about DI culture and initiation? Thoughts on the strange ways that the characters interacted?

Leave a comment with any and all thoughts, send me an email at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or call and leave a voicemail at 646-495-9205 ext. 35382. Get your reactions in fast–I’ll probably be recording the podcast on Thursday evening!



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7 responses to ““Namaste” Discussion

  1. Jason

    I thought this was a really great episode, because it advanced the story line of almost all the main characters.
    Kate, Jack, and Hurley were enrolled in the DI with minimal problems thanks to Sawyer and Juliet.
    We found out what happened to Sayid, and while he is locked up at least Sawyer was able to keep Radzinsky from killing him. Also thanks to a delivery of a sandwich to Sayid we got confirmation that young Ben is on the island.
    Meanwhile, back in the present, good ol’ Frank was able to bring the plane down in one piece. Which was good news for everyone except the co-pilot.
    After Sun and Frank’s boat trip, and a little batting practice with Ben’s head courtesy of Sun. (I wonder if Ben will reconsider his decision to return to the island. He has not been back a full day yet and already someone is smacking him around) They have an interesting meeting with the ever mysterious Christian Shepard.
    Well unless I am forgetting someone I think they touched on all the main characters with the exception of Locke and Faraday. And to be fair Sawyer did mention Faraday, but we didn’t get to see him. Oh and I guess they still haven’t gotten back to whatever happened with Rose and Benard, but to be honest, it has been so long since we have seen them, that I am beginning to not even care. My guess would be that they are with Richard and the hostiles, but whenever we see them again I hope it is something really cool and unexpected.
    Ok, so my favorite scene was Sawyer telling Jack how bad a leader he really was.
    My favorite reveal was Horace and Amy’s baby is named Ethan. I am so glad we don’t have to play guess who the baby is anymore.
    There are still unanswered questions of course, but at the moment I think the biggest one is why didn’t Sun and Locke (and I guess maybe Ben) flash back to the past with the other original losties??
    Anyways that’s my two cents. Great episode. It moved the story along, had some good reveals, and left me hungry for next week.

  2. djchau

    I thought this was a good episode, maybe not the best of the season but that could be understood since the episode is after the break so it has to catch up and set up things again which I thought it did nicely giving us some answers and some new mysteries to uncover.

    There was always this theory that Ben had a upper hand on things because he knew so much. With the reveal at the end that young Ben is there during that time period, it has to push the theory that Ben was aware of the losties and knew they will come in the future in a airplane crash in the near future. Maybe when Ethan meets Locke, he tells Ben what he said and Ben realizes then that these people will have a impact on the timeline of the island.

    This episode gave a lot of more mysteries than answers.

    Still can’t figure out why people have to be put to sleep before entering the island. Is it a precaution of the effects of entering some sort of barrier to the island or is it a simple explanation of they don’t want them to know where they are going and simply want to keep the secret to the island from the low level staff. We don’t know what they have told the low level staff of where they are. They could have said to them they are simply on a island in the south pacific. By the orientation videos we already know that sometimes they don’t tell the truth or whole truth of whats going on. We still don’t know the whole truth of the pearl station. Was it a psych experiment or was it a way to keep track on security to observe what was going on in the other stations.

    For the future scene with Frank and Sun, is it me or was Christian either the smoke monster or at least working with it or has power over it. I’m glad he was there but I hope they don’t overuse him and he now shows up to everyone. I’m guessing the journey they have to do will lead them to somehow bring back the losties from the past to the present to fix the time line. I have to admit the scene they were in was a bit creepy in the dark tone of light and the door swinging open during their conversation. And was it me or was there a person appear in the background of Sun and Frank when Christian was speaking to them. I went on line and other people saw something to. Don’t know if it was a camera error or it was a real person like Jacob or Claire. What are your thoughts on this?

    This is my way out theory. Its Widmore who setup Sayid to be captured in hopes he would land in the past and kill young Ben. Abbandon a worker for Widmore said he gets people to where they need to be. Now we don’t know if Abbandon does this himself or Widmore tells him what to do. I think its Widmore. I’m not saying he’s a good guy but like Ben knows alot more about how things turn out. If Widmore wanted to get back to the island, there are so many chances he could have but it looks like he’s making moves like a chess game setting things up. And not only that on the flipside which is also wayout it is Ben who convinces Kate to go on the plane and tells her for the safety of Aaron tha she has to go back and when she does get back to the island she has to save a young boy name Ben because it already has happen and Ben is just making sure it does.

  3. Josh

    So Sawyer and Juliette have things on the Island pretty much under control. Sawyer is an upstanding leader in the Dharma Initiative, respected by all, even Pierre Chang. Juliette can fix a van, deliver a baby, and cook dinner, and seems for once to be actually happy and on the Island by choice. Sawyer is managing his people and maintaining the truce with Richard and the Hostiles with the skill of Winston Churchill. There can be only two questions. How fast will Jack and Kate screw this up, and how badly? Seeing Jack slink away after Sawyer’s speech, I got the sense that Jack is not going to want to quietly follow Sawyer’s lead for long, and Kate is, well, Kate.

  4. djchau

    I rewatched the episode and two questions popped up in my head.

    Why was a runway built on the small island? Did they know that a plane would land on the island. Was it a order from Ben or Jacob to build it. Submarines were used to go back and forth to the island and not airplanes.

    Why was Razisky so worried if the hostiles found out about the swan creation? Did the incident already happened and the swan is going to be used to fix it and they are worried that the others will find out what they did. Or is the swan going to be used for something they know the hostiles will disapprove of. Could this be the thing that pushed the hostiles in escalating the war leading to the purge.

    Would love your thoughts on this?

  5. Jamal

    Hi Anna,

    This jamal From Amsterdam The netherlands. Must say i loved Namaste.

    After an extra week of no lost this was the perfect mellow episode to start of a new beginning they set up most of the main charters in dharma.

    I also think that Lock and the other people in the plane that didnt flash are all in present time and have to find a way back to 1977 or have to do something in pressent that some way helps in 1977. it was verry cool to see the runway on the seconed island.

    I also think that the comic-con movie of Pierre Chang filmed by Faraday is gonna play a big roll in the ending of this season.

    The conversation between Jack & sawyer(the new sawyer rocks) was top noch!! and I can’t wait to see how Kate, Sawyer, Jack and juliet gonna work out there tentions some major trust issues 😛 and screw up there cover in Dharma lol.

    well I like to say love ur show keep up the good work can’t wait till next show:P


  6. mumphalee

    pretty nice episode to set us up for the next few weeks.
    did anybody else notice the weird lighting of “christian’s” house? the inside was well lit up when he was standing outside, yet when he walked back in with frank & sun, it was dark with bright light coming through the boarded up windows from the outside?
    also, seeing as smokey and he were in such close proximity to each other, would it be fair to assume that he actually is smokey, or at least that smokey might be his “pet”?
    maybe it was just out to get some business done before it was interrupted by frank & sun?
    looking forward to your next podcast.

  7. Rachel

    So Jack goes over to Juliet’s house and they stand in the well-lit doorway enjoying a big so-glad-to-see-you-again hug. With all the cameras (not to mention Phil) around the compound, it’s fer sure that SOMEBODY saw that. What were they thinking???

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