The Record Is Back On Track

In the tenth episode of Jacob’s Cabin, we take a look at season 5 episode 8 of Lost, “LaFleur”. I give some thoughts and reactions, respond to listener feedback, chat with Denise about the episode, give the results from last week’s epic character award (Ben Linus vs. Charles Widmore), and nominate two more characters for this week’s character award. Vote on the new poll here.

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8 responses to “The Record Is Back On Track

  1. Happy 10th epiversary!

  2. Happy 10th epi-versary! I really enjoy your
    podcast….found it last week on I-tunes and have listened to all 10 episodes.
    I just listened to your latest on “LaFleur” and something Denise said when you were discussing the episode got me thinking. She wondered if perhaps Juliet were pregnant. I had a sinking feeling when I heard that. I wondere if Juliet might not have become among the first women on the island to not be able to carry a baby to term and dies in childbirth. I always wondered why Ben would be so concerned about the childbirth issue on the island, he doesn’t strike me as the most compassionate of men, but what if when he was a boy he fell in love with an older woman on the island (Juliet) then she dies. I hope I’m wrong.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Angela – I like where your thoughts are going with the comments about Juliet. I think it makes a lot of sense actually!

  4. Jackie

    Anna, I enjoy your podcast. You are the only podcast I have heard who has had an honest discussion about how The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham (and the whole Locke- resurrected idea) is potentially offensive to Christians. Thanks for your response to the caller who referenced the Last Temptation of Christ as if it “proved” that Jesus was a flawed man and for patiently explaining that the Bible says that Jesus was without sin,and that was one reason why the idea of flawed Locke being a Jesus-figure was offensive.

    “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” is tied with “Hearts and Minds” for my least favorite episode, because I suspect that the writers may be heading in the direction of saying that the story of Jesus was more hype than substance (Locke created his own myth). However, this week’s “La Fleur” was such a great episode that I am of course here for the duration.

    Again, I appreciate that you are willing to state in a matter-of-fact way what Christians truly believe. So many people seem afraid to discuss religion these days, even when the show so blatantly shouts religious references.

  5. I agree with Jackie. Referencing a man made movie as proof is ridiculous. Going with this theory then we can also conclude that toys come to life when we leave the room and bears and lions can talk and dance.

  6. Put me down in the agreement with Jackie column! Anna you handled that call so well!
    When I heard the caller bring up the Last Temptation of Christ, my stomach lurched….but you handled it wonderfully.

  7. annainindiana

    Thanks Angela, Donald, and Jackie for your encouragement!

  8. charlottestapleslewis

    Lol, that is so bloody funny Donald. I also agree with Jackie. Oye! The things some people use as evidence is quite daft!

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