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Yes, I let out a shout when we saw the entire statue; didn’t you? This episode filled us in on some island secrets, but at the same time raised many questions. Why was childbirth possible on the island? What are the conditions of the truce, and is this a forerunner of the “rules” referred to by Ben and Widmore? How does all this make sense in light of Faraday’s statement that what happened, happened? Who is the baby that Amy gave birth to?

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Also: don’t forget to vote on last week’s character poll if you haven’t already done so. Who do you trust more, Ben or Widmore?



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5 responses to “LaFleur Discussion

  1. djchau

    This episode was great. One of my top of the season. I know alot of people might complain how it kept going back and forth in time explaining the storyline but I felt it was better that way. Yes they could have just went staright forward with the timeline starting with three years and then go into the future but I think by doing it this way it kept you engage in the episode because when you saw something in the future you wanted to find out how they got there.

    Best character of the episode was no doubt Sawyer. He is no doubt the leader and leave it to a con man to talk his way out of Horace and Richard.

    The reveal of the statue was bloody fantastic. I so much wanted them to somehow turn around so you could see the face. It would have been so funny if they did and you saw the face of like richard or locke. But this scene does point out that the wheel existed way back in time when the statue existed.

    For the childbirth, it could have been like claire how they conceived the child off island and it just got born on the island. Horace did mention how it looks like the sub makes trips going back and forth. The hospital intern did say also that she was suppose to have gone off the island to give birth but she is two weeks early. So maybe they are aware of the child birth effects.

    For the baby, I thought I heard from the podcast from the tv guide guys that the boy was ethan leading to the point that during the purge he was one of the people from Dharma that didn’t get killed and joins the others. It’s interesting to see what leads Richard to form a truce with them instead of fight and then what tips the scale in leading them to forget the truce and start the war up leading to the purge.

    This may be a way out theory but maybe Ben was never chosen by Jacob to be the leader. Maybe Richard just used him to get the inside track to take dharma down. And maybe because of his efforts he was given a chance to be the leader. And all this time he just pretended to have a real connection to Jacob when he didn’t. And that’s why like Richard said to Locke that he worries about child births and other things rather than the island. And during the cabin scene Jacob calls out to locke to help him. If Widmore was telling the truth it could be that he was the one in charge of others during this time and he ordered the purge on the dharma like Ben said he didn’t order the purge. And in time he tricks Widmore saying maybe Jacob told him that widmore had to move the island and expelled him.

    For Faraday, I’m guessing during the flashes he thought were temporary and didn’t want to change history in any way but when he realized maybe they are stuck in that time for ever that they are meant to be that time period so it doesn’t matter what they do because it has already been done.

    So I have a question. By the way Horace talks about the sub it makes trips back and forth to the island every now and then and going with Ms. Hawkings information. I’m guessing they can predict where it is when they want to and use the sub to get there. So if the others purge the dharma on the island, wouldn’t they have also somehow killed off the dharma off island as well or they would keep on coming. If they could afford to build all these stations I’m guessing they could get another submarine. So either they took over the dharma both off and on island or they cut off the dharma entirely maybe by moving the island. Maybe thats how Ben tricked Widmore in turning the wheel to hide the island from the dharma.

    Love your thoughts on this and looking forward to your podcast.

  2. djchau

    I had a question that just came to me is how the heck does richard get off and back to the island way back before dharma came. He told Locke that getting off the island was privelage information. How does he get off to see Locke being born and then come back to the island. Does he take a boat?

  3. Excellent question, especially since we know the Island is always moving. Does Richard have to run and come back before the Island moves again?

  4. Shawno Nevo

    Awesome episode. While it might have had less answers than other episodes this season, I felt it was nice to slow the pace down a little bit. I too let out a yell when I saw the completed 4 toed statue. Then I let out another yell when I realized we could only see the back of the statue, because I knew that it would be awhile before we get to see the front :(.

  5. John

    And whidmore said he lead the island for 3 decades? where was he when Richard spoke to LaFleur? and i don’t remember this exactly, but i think charlotte said “daddy” who was she speaking to? who’s her dad??

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