I thought you were just my driver…

In this episode of Jacob’s Cabin, I give my initial reactions (and questions!), respond to listener comments, questions, and theories, discuss the episode with Denise, and propose a slightly different sort of character award for this week–a question of trust. Vote on the character poll here.

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17 responses to “I thought you were just my driver…

  1. Jason

    I voted for Ben in the “Who do you trust more” poll.
    Ultimately I don’t think either of them are trustworthy. My main reason for choosing Ben in the poll is sort of a “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” way of thinking.
    However, that is not really a good argument for trusting Ben, it is more along the lines of saying that I think I could handle Ben better because I know more about him.
    So yeah, I voted for Ben, but I don’t really have a good reason why.

  2. Hey Anna! Great podcast!

    I especially liked when you guys were discussing the possible invincibility of John Locke, Ben and Whidmore. It plays right into my long standing “LOST is a giant eternal game of chess” theory. Ever since John Locke referred to Boone’s death as “a sacrifice the island demanded” it has reminded me of chess, so I’m always looking for things to kind of fit into that. I think that for most of human existence people have been drawn to the island to take part in some kind of battle for control of the island, and somehow the winner determines the fate of the human species. This is actually a very common theme in anime. We have seen that John Locke and Ben have had very similar lives, both were born prematurely, traumatically, didn’t know their mothers, maybe this is a prerequisite for being the future “king” of their set of chess pieces. Also, we see that Aaron has a lot of the same things in his life as John and Ben, so I think that he is also destined to be a King later in his life. I don’t really want to go into too much depth trying to figure out which characters would be which piece, like Kate is a knight because of her black horse and Mr Eko is a bishop because of his religion, that’s probably over thinking the whole thing. There is also the pervasive black/white motif that you can check out on the lostpedia site, there are a lot of interesting connections, my favorite of which is that the babies that we have seen have had black and white stuffed animals (in Ji Yeon Jin buys a panda bear for a baby and in something nice back home Aaron has a killer whale), possibly implying that children have yet to be committed to either side.

    Oh yeah, also in the mobisiode king of the castle we see Ben and Jack discussing leaving the island, then ben performs a “castle” move where the king switches place with a rook. Maybe only kings can move the island?

    Anyway, I could write a 100 page paper on my Lost/Chess theory and I’m late to meet a friend for lunch so I’ll leave it at that. Let me know what you guys think!

    In the first two seasons we saw considerably more of the game motif, I think that if it was still as strong in the story right now it would just make the connection too obvious. There has also been a strong white/black motif that has basically been around since the beginning. I don’t need to list them all here, they have a running list of black vs white on lostpedia, but a couple standouts

  3. charlottestapleslewis

    Thanks for helping out again. It turned out bloody brilliant!

  4. annainindiana

    Ian, I love your thoughts about how Lost compares to chess (though I’ve never learned how to play chess).

    Anytime, CharlotteStaplesLewis, anytime.

  5. You dont know how to play chess? Wait…you dont know how to play chess? Ian we must teach her.

  6. annainindiana

    How could you guys teach me when you both live hundreds and hundreds of miles away from me–in opposite directions?! I’d probably be bad at it if it takes a lot of strategy.

    And how come Charlotte Staples Lewis has a picture, but you don’t, Donald?

  7. ianinithaca

    I want a picture too!

  8. Hey that is weird, I want a picture. Anna, if Hurley and Ecko could play chess then so can me and you. It is a game of strategy but its so much fun that you wont realize you are actually using your brain. I love how your blog has become a chat room!

  9. donaldislost

    Do I have a picture now?

  10. annainindiana

    Yes, you have a picture now, Donald. And yes, we’re getting a little off topic here, but I hope people will still feel free to change the subject back to Lost!

    Ian, I think you have to get a wordpress blog account and have a profile picture in order for it to show up. WordPress seems to allow the use of Gravatars, but only in conjunction with one of their blogs.

  11. donaldislost

    So anyone seen the new episode of House? Just kidding. What do you guys think will be the best reunion? Besides Jin and Sun because that is the obvious answer.

  12. If the Sun and Jin reunion is as touching as Desmond and Penny’s phone call in The Constant, I’ll be so happy 🙂

    I don’t know how to play chess either.

  13. donaldislost

    Sorry Denise but we dont respond to people with no picture. Just kidding.

  14. ianinithaca

    I wouldn’t count on a Jin/Sun reunion until the end of season five. I am most looking forward to a Sawyer/Hurley reunion!

  15. annainindiana

    The Sawyer/Hurley reunion will be sweet, but I think the Sun/Jin reunion will be the one that makes me cry. Desmond and Penny’s circumstances have never made me cry, but I cry or am on the verge of tears every time they show Jin running out onto the deck of the freighter and Sun screaming and screaming. When they showed that scene recently in a video podcast, I almost started crying at work, and I thought, “Hey, not fair, making me cry at work, they should have warned me!”

  16. Jason

    Here is a little something that has been bothering me for a while now, and I am curious what you guys/gals think.

    Haven’t we reached the point in the show where our characters should be talking to each other about what they have seen and experienced? And now that our beloved losties have had a chance to talk to Ben, Widmore, and Ms Hawking shouldn’t someone have backed one of these characters into a corner and demanded some explanations?
    Let me give and example of a scene that just made me cringe. Locke and Abaddon are driving and Abaddon is asking Locke questions about looking up someone in his past. Locke says: “Please don’t talk to me.”
    What?!? Are you kidding?
    Look, let me be clear, I love LOsT. I think it is the greatest show ever. But I really think that we have reached a point where the losties should be asking questions, especially since they have the opportunity to talk to some characters that could give them some answers.
    It reminds me of how Sayid wanted to get some answers out of Juliet, when she joined up with them. He didn’t get any of course, but at least he made some sort of effort.
    I just think that it is completely unrealistic for these characters to not ask questions.
    Locke had the chance to talk with Widmore and Abaddon.
    Jack has been hanging out with Ben.
    Jack has a one on one with Ms Hawking.
    Sun has Ben at gunpoint.
    I don’t know, I just feel like we have reached a point in the series where someone needs to ask:
    What is the island?
    How do you know this?
    What the heck is going on?
    something, anything…………

  17. mikhailbakunin

    Excellent point, what about the 0-6 not asking Locke why the Island vanished. Seems like that would be my question or at least ask if everyone is alive.

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