Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Discussion

What a whirlwind episode! Good thing they gave us those few extra minutes at the end. I have to admit, I am still hoping that all of Ben’s actions will somehow be justified. I can’t help but trust him. It was interesting that when Locke awoke, they showed both of his eyes–fairly close up, but not quite the one-eye-opening that I had been expecting.

Now I am left with these questions:

  • Ultimately, what does Ben want? What does Widmore want?
  • Why did they say repeatedly that Locke would only need to convince one of them, then the rest would return? How could that possibly work? (It seems as though it DID work…)
  • Why DON’T they need Walt? Abaddon’s question cut to the heart of what we have all been wondering, yet Locke dismissed it so easily.
  • How does Abaddon know where to get people to, since his job is “to get people to where they need to go?”
  • Who flashed to the past, and who stayed in the present? Why didn’t Locke go to the 70s? Or Ben? Where did Lapidus and “some other woman” (Sun? Or someone else we didn’t know was on the plane?) go to in one of the boats?
  • Has Widmore spent much of his life focused on John Locke due to his visit from the future? How has this affected his life?

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13 responses to “Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham Discussion

  1. Donald

    What Dharma station were they in? Was that the Hydra?

    Is the woman that left with Lapidus possibly Sun?

  2. annainindiana

    Yeah, the Hydra logo was on the folder Caesar was holding. I didn’t recognize it in the beginning, but that was Ben’s office. I can’t remember if we have seen his office in an episode or just in a deleted scene, but definitely his office.

    If it is Sun, then why wouldn’t she go to the past…lack of faith, selfishness in only wanting her husband back and not believing in the big mission? She seems to be the only person convinced to go back by “ordinary” means rather than supernatural.

  3. Donald

    What do you mean Sun going to the past? You think they knew they would end up in the past?

    Is Widmore really good? I personally believe both Ben and Widmore only do good if it benefits them. I believe that Widmore would have killed Locke too once he got the information he needed. The only difference is that Ben didn’t mind getting his own hands dirty.

  4. djchau

    I thought this episode was great and different. The beginning and end was awesome but the middle part was expected and didn’t tell us anything new. We pretty much knew that the oceanic six would say no to Locke so his visits to them wasn’t really anything new to find out. I wanted more from Walt’s meetings so I hope they continue his storyline.

    For Ben and Widmore, I’m guessing it refers to what Widmore was talking about how there is going to be a struggle or war coming where Widmore is on one side and Ben is on the other side. Now who is good or bad that really is their own opinion. In this episode, they really make Widmore good and Ben look real bad. Both men by the past episodes are capable of doing bad things to get what they want. Widmore pretty much said he sent the freighter to get rid of Ben so Locke can be the leader for the sake of the island. But I’m guessing through the use of Walt the island tells Locke to stop the freighter people. And if Widmore just wanted Ben out of the way why didn’t he tell the soldiers to just kill Ben on sight. I think both men are pretty much thinking for themselves and doesn’t care about the island. The island is pretty much caught in the middle between these two men. Christian Shepard told Locke not to trust Ben and Walt tells Locke to stop the freighter people sent by Widmore it looks like the island doesn’t have faith in any of the men except for Locke.

    It made sense that if he could convince Jack to go back the others would follow or at least consider it. He was the leader of the losties pretty much on the island and when they got back he was the person who was able to convince them to lie. So Jack has influence over them.

    For Walt, I don’t think it wasn’t they didn’t need him but they just couldn’t get him like the others. I’m sure if Walt wanted to go back Locke would take him. I know this is theory going out there but I hope he did get on the plane somehow and we will find out Walt is with them there. His story is too good to just let go for a small cameo.

    Abbandon could be a person like Walt who just has special powers to get to where he needs to go and finds out what he needs to know. I hate to think he’s dead but him being on the show Fringe I guess they brought him in to wrap up his storyline.

    So this is my theory of why some people flashed to the past and some stayed in the present in the airplane. Ms. Hawkings always said that the universe always has a way to course correct itself. So I’m guessing that Jack, Kate, Hurley, and probably Sayid were always meant to back in the Dharma days because it already happened. Just like how Jin prevented Danielle from getting the sickness and Locke telling Richard about meeting him at birth. We will find out the losties will have a large impact on creating the the time line that currently is present. And people like Sun, Lapidas, Ben, and Locke were never meant to go back in the past because they were never suppose to.

    Love the podcast can’t wait to hear your feedback on it.

  5. Jason

    I am glad that “316” aired before this episode, I don’t think they could be shown in either order. The on island Locke stuff wouldn’t have made any sense to me.
    I am not sure how I feel about “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham”. Mostly just confused.
    Why did Ben talk Locke out of suicide and then kill him? With all the religious elements in the story lately, I wonder if Ben thought he was saving Locke’s soul?
    So is Widmore good? Is Ben bad? Do we really have any idea what to think about these two?
    Goodbye Abaddon we hardly knew ye. I guess his claim to fame was just being Widmore’s flunky.
    I am so tired of Kate. Not sure if that is of interest to anyone, but just felt like saying that. Whew I feel better already.
    Good old Walt. Wow, he is going to school, and apparently not freaking people out with his mad bird killing skills. Does anyone care about Walt? I know I don’t.
    Yeah this episode just left me confused?

  6. djchau

    People are questioning what time period Locke’s group is in and I think by the clues of the episode it proves they are in the present time or at least time after the six left the island. By the scene of the two boats that proves it was their group that the losties encountered when they were time jumping. Since these people don’t know anybody on the island it could be the reason why they chased the losties shooting at them in the boats. Also, the hydra station is abandoned which supports the time line because in season 3 after jack saves Ben’s life from cancer and Sawyer and Kate escape back to the main island. The others abandoned the hydra station because they feel that since Kate and Sawyer know where they are they decided to abandon the station.

  7. Jason

    Here is another thing that seemed weird to me. Do people that have suffered a compound fracture usually get a walking cast? Would Locke really be able to put any weight on it at all? And I wonder if it is common practice for the mortician or whoever to remove a cast from the broken limb of a dead person. Because as we saw in “316” when Jack is putting his fathers shoes on Locke, the cast is gone. So the bone couldn’t have had time to heal before Locke’s death, does that mean that upon return to the island the bone was magically healed. I guess compared to resurrection a leg bone is small potatoes.
    The overall writing in this episode seemed a little sloppy to me, or maybe I just can’t see the forest for the trees.

  8. Jason – from my research, no, Locke shouldn’t have been in a walking cast, at least not yet.

    Along with your comment on this, I also took issue with Ben strangling Locke and it being considered a suicide. Unless Ben has someone at the medical examiner’s office working for him, it would be easy to tell the difference between death by strangulation and hanging.

    One way that this can usually be told is through a fracture to the hyoid bone or a hangman’s fracture (severing the spinal cord between C1 and C2), but a hangman’s fracture doesn’t always happen with a suicide, it it usually more common with a judicial hanging.

  9. I’ve gotta say, this was definitely my favorite episode since season 3. I watched it three times in succession, and an hour later I watched it again! I wish it had aired before 316. The opening scene with Caesar rummaging through Ben’s office and the reveal of Caesar and Ilana walking past the plane and finding a mysteriously blanketed John Locke would have been one of those mind blowing moments that make LOST my all time favorite show.

    Did you guys notice that almost every place where Locke went had a religious name? Sayeed was in Santo Domingo, Hurley was in Santa Rosa, Kate was in Los Angeles, Helen was buried in Santa Monica and Jack’s Hospital is Saint Sebastian’s. I was hoping that Walt was at some kind of religiously named school but it was called the Fieldcroft school.

    Helen’s date of death was 04-08-06.

    Why did Ben kill John Locke when he said Eloise Hawking? I think he saved Locke because he needed to find out her name so he could get back to the island, but knows that John Locke had to die as to be the catalyst that starts the chain of events that would bring everyone back (the same way that Christian Shephard’s death was a catalyst that lead to everyone being on Oceanic 815.)

  10. Chris

    Ben is evil!

  11. annainindiana

    Chris, please submit a typed, 12 pt font, ten page research paper on why you think Ben is evil, and then I will consider the idea.

  12. ianinithaca

    I don’t think evil exists in the lost universe. Everyone is in some kind of moral gray area. Ben does what he thinks is right, he just happens to think he is so right and that what he is doing is so important that he will do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. Especially when it comes to revenge!

  13. Philip Green

    I’m so sorry I only get to write in 4 days after everyone stateside has posted on the episode, i wish we were able to watch the series in parity to you guys!

    Gosh! what an episode, it felt rushed though, with the visits of Hurley, Walt, Kate and Jack by Locke all being played out rather weirdly, typical Lost really, you have to feel that if anyone in the show actually explained why they want people to do something, or behave in a certain way, the series would have been over in 24 shows! That being said, look what happened to Locke the one time when he did! So this leads me to my first conundrum. Who is the bad guy in this, Widmore or Ben. This is where the show excels, because when you think you are starting to understand, it goes and whips the rug from under your feet.
    Why did the name Eloise Hawking cause Ben to react in that manner, and if he felt there was a potential threat in Locke and Eloise meeting, what would that threat be? Was Ben always going to kill Locke? I’m not sure he was.

    The other thing I wanted to mention was the time issue, and when all of the people arrived on the island. I assume, that Hurley, Jack and Kate returned to the island when the wheel was frozen and back in the seventies, because of Jin’s presence. I conclude from that, that because they had to return, that Sun and Sayid would also return in this timezone. I believe that Ben and Locke, because escaping from the island via the wheel were not supposed to return and were therefore on a different timezone. It is for this reason, that i do not believe it was Sun who took the boat with Lapidus, otherwise it would not make sense how she was in a different time line to the other members of the oceanic 6. Does this make sense, or am i missing something?

    Love to know your views, keep up the good work!

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