We’re not going to Guam anymore, Toto!

In Episode 8 of Jacob’s Cabin, I take a look at 316, episode 6 of season 5 of Lost, respond to listener comments and theories, discuss the episode with Denise, and nominate two new characters for this week’s character award. Vote for the character award here.

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11 responses to “We’re not going to Guam anymore, Toto!

  1. Annebeth

    Hi Anna 🙂
    I just started to listen to this newest episode, and I just came across the part about the comic that Hurley read. I think it wasn’t the novelle ‘the last man’, but actually the graphic novelle Y: The Last Man.

    This comic is written by Brian K. Vaugn, writer of Lost of course 🙂 I didn’t read it, but from wikipedia I figured out that the story has some lost-related plots, for example about a plague (the sickness?)


  2. Annebeth

    Oh, I just discovered Hurley was reading issue 15 (brilliant!) and is part of the tradeback ‘one small step’. Don’t know if that means anything though… The story at that point concerns astronauts, as you can see on the cover also (astronaut-suit). Maibe a hint to something supernatural/ advanced (alien?) technology ect? It wouldn’t be the first this season: http://gallery.lost-media.com/albums/ep-caps/season5/5x01a/normal_5x03-because-013.jpg

    (see underneath the lamp on the right-hand side of the picture, on the shelf behind Chang)

  3. annainindiana

    Hi Annebeth, I’m glad you brought that up! In the beginning, I just went from the title and translated it, not thinking that it would be such a significant comic book. Then later, when Denise came over, she showed me the comic book on Lostpedia. Maybe there is still some connection between the comic book and the novel? It is great that the comic book Hurley had was #15!

  4. IanInIthaca

    Y the Last Man is an excellent creator owned comic book about the world after every male mammal mysteriously dies simultaneously, except for the main character, Yorick, and his pet monkey Ampersand.

    I don’t think this reference is integral to the plot, it is more likely a shout out to superstar comic book writer and Lost staff writer Brian K. Vaughn. He wrote the episodes Catch-22, Confirmed Dead, Meet Kevin Johnson, The Shape of Things to come and The Little Prince.

    I hope Damon and Carlton threw this in there to introduce some Lost fans to Brian’s work in comics. He also created ex-Machina, a political thriller about a superhero who is elected mayor of New York after preventing the collapse of one of the twin towers durring the 9-11 attack, and Runaways, a group of teens who run away from home when they discover their parents are a team of supervillans who control the city of Los Angeles. Hopefully this gets some of you non-comic book fan Lost lovers to check out some of the great comics and graphic novels out there!

    Lost has employed several popular comic book writers, including Paul Dini and Jeph Loeb. Damon Lindelof has also dabbled in comics, writing (but not finishing) the Ultimate Wolverine vs. The Hulk mini-series.

  5. Annebeth

    Good catch about the fact that it’s night when they crash and day when they wake up on the island. That fits with the thing that bothered me: when whe flash to the church, we get the info that that was 48 hours ago. But then later on, Hawking says that there Window closes in less than 36 hours. So why the discrepancy of 12 hours? Maibe they just didn’t wake up immediately or something like that? I don’t know :S

  6. annainindiana

    The 46 vs. 36 hours thing bothered me too until I realized that the missing 10 hours must have been 10 hours aboard the plane, in flight.

  7. Annebeth

    But then wouldn’t their window have closed when they passed that spot 10 hours too late?

  8. Donald

    Wow it’s hard to believe you are on episode 8 already. It seems like only yesterday you were doing your pilot. Great job as always very professional sounding show I could take some lessons from you.

  9. Annebeth

    By the way, not to clutter this comment section but I just wanted to share a possible visual clue about Ben being one of the ‘good guys’.

    If you look at the background, with a bit of imagination it looks a lot like it forms a halo around Ben’s head. Don’t you guys think?

  10. Annebeth – that really does look like a halo around Ben’s head! Good eye!

  11. djchau

    I think that scene of the picture you are referring to is very important and maybe was setup that way. Whatever happened during the meeting with Locke which I guess we will find out in the next episode to convince him to help the six get back to the island probably pushed his vendetta against widmore and his goal of killing Penny. And I guess when Desmond shows up he was conflicted with now he has the chance to do it but is it more important then what he is doing now. I think that what was Ben pondering about when he was in the church when Jack found him. He was stuck between doing it or letting it go.

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