316 Discussion

They’re back on the island already! I was hoping it would happen, but also surprised that it happened so fast. As for the mechanics of how it happened…well, let’s hope that gets explained later?!

  • Was Ms. Hawking ever a part of the Dharma Initiative? Her comments about the Lampost make her sound disdainful of the DI itself, though she seems to appreciate their work.
  • Who was the scientist who decided that they should look for where the island will appear? Could it possibly be Faraday?
  • What on earth happened to Kate to make her willing to go back? Where is Aaron?
  • Who was the woman escorting Sayid, and why?
  • Who beat Ben up? He said he was going to visit an old friend. Or did he say he had a promise to keep to a friend? (I guess I need to watch it again for the exact wording.) If so, then…he was at the docks. Did he kill Penny to keep his promise to Widmore to murder his daughter? And did Desmond beat him up for it and he barely escaped?

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7 responses to “316 Discussion

  1. Best line of the episode – Jack asing Ben how he could be reading on the flight and Ben saying because his mother taught him to read. I totally laughed out loud.

    I loved playing Where’s Waldo with looking for clues as to how they’re trying to make little details work to recreate the first flight. I loved Hurley reading the Spanish book/comic book “El último hombre” like Walt’s Spanish comic book.

  2. Jason

    Wow, another great episode for season 5.
    Was it wrong for me to laugh when Jack asked Ben:
    Jack: There are other people on this plane. What’s going to happen to them?
    Ben: Who cares?
    Classic Ben. This was just one of the times that I laughed out loud at some of the lines in this episode.
    Another great line was when Jack was talking to Frank Lapidus and then Frank noticed Sayid, Hurley, Kate and the rest.
    Frank: Wait a second… We’re not going to Guam are we?

    Ok, so here are some questions I have:
    How did Hurley and Sayid end up on the plane? I think that one of Hurley’s ghost pals must have visited him and told him what he had to do. My money’s on Charlie. But Sayid looked like he was being escorted by some type of police official. The woman he was with flashed a badge at the airport and his hands were covered by a jacket, so I guess he was handcuffed. Lucky him the courts worked so fast to get him extradited.

    Who was the guy that offered his condolences to Jack at the airport ticket counter? Could this be one of Widmore’s guys? And pretty cool that he managed to get a seat up in the front of the plane with the O6ers (or O5ers I guess) before Hurley bought them all.

    Who gave Ben a beating? I guess the obvious answer would be Desmond. Especially since we saw that Ben was at a boat dock and he appeared to be wet, as if someone had thrown him from a boat. Well we didn’t get to see what happened to him in this episode. Did they do this so that we would worry about whether or not Penny is alright or could it be that it wasn’t Desmond at all, but someone else that Ben got into fight with? Either way somehow it felt right to see Ben all battered and bruised up. Just like old times, poor guy.

    And finally what did Kate do with Aaron? Did she take him to Sawyer’s baby momma, Cassidy? Was Claire’s mom still in town? Surely she didn’t put him up for adoption like Claire had intended to do in the first place.

    Well that’s all I have great episode, can’t wait for the podcast.

  3. TonyMN

    I think Sayid was on the plane to be a proxy for Kate. On flight 815, Kate was handcuffed so maybe there had to be some kind of convict on board. The word proxy is a person who is authorized to act of another. We know John has been a proxy for Christen so he’s been sent as a substitute. Jesus in John:316, like when Ben mentioned “Thomas had this great moment in his life but it got overshadowed by what happened AFTER the “RESURRECTION”.” So i believe we’re gonna see some sorta resserection of John. This is John:316 “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved.” From what i understand for this to be related to LOST, it would go like this: For the ISLAND so loved the world, that it would give its only John Locke, that whoever will believe in me shall have everlasting life.”. In his note at the bottom it said “I wish you would have believed me” Now, do we know anybody that has eternal life????? RICHARD! Anyways..Love the show, keep it up.

  4. TonyMN

    I’m also thinking maybe Kate is pregnant as a proxy to Claire. Obviously Jack would be the father.

  5. TonyMN

    Jason asked who beat up Ben. I think it’s Sayid since the last time they saw eachother he told him “and Jack” that the next time he see’s either one of him, it will be unpleasent. Explains why Sayid is handcuffed and arrested…But who knows with LOST..haha..

  6. Becky

    What’s the deal with Ray? Obviously we’ll be seeing him again. I think he knew more than he let on in this episode and that Christians shoes were not there accidentally.

  7. djchau

    Wow, this was a different but good episode. Love the beginning scene of jack waking up mirroring the first scene of the whole series of when they crashed onto the island. And just like lost alot of answers and alot of new mysteries to figure out.

    I don’t think Ms. Hawkings was part of the dharma iniative. When she was giving her explanation she didn’t really talk it in a way where she was part of the organization taking credit for how they found the island. This scene to maybe push for the theory that she was that eliose girl we saw back in the flashback in the 1954 in the jughead episode. I’m thinking she probably witnessed the whole process of dharma coming to the island as part of the others and in time learned all about the time and space properties later on and developed them more when she got off the island. And by the looks of Ben’s face seeing all this and hearing what she had to say seem to push my theory that Ben really didn’t know anything about ms. hawkings or had any past connection. The only reason Ben is working with her is because Locke gave him the information to seek her out knowing she could get them back. I was confused of how she said windows open up so that’s how you can get to the island. So I’m guessing they used the submarine back then to travel when and where when both the others and dharma initaive had to get back to the island during these time windows.

    For the scientist who discovered how to find the island my money is on pierre chang, he seems to know alot about time and space. In order it to be Farraday he would have to had travel way back in time before the dharma iniative came on the island. The only other theory I had would be widmore is the one who came up with the idea. If he came from the island it would make sense he would have a pretty good idea of how to get back.

    The scene on the plane duplicating the the first flight was awesome. I’m guessing Kate and Hurley had a visit from ghostly friends to convince them to go back. For Kate I’m thinking maybe Claire visited her because I don’t think there is anybody out there other then claire to convince Kate to just give aaron up and for hurley maybe good old charlie paid him a visit. Because it would be sweet if Charlie said make sure to bring a guitar with you.

    For Sayid, poor guy but it was a great image of him being a prisoner like kate was in the first flight. I’m guessing he is being charged for some of the murders he committed when he was a super spy working for Ben and maybe he is getting transferred to another country where the murder occurred. How he got caught I was thinking it was Ben who outed him out or has a connection to him getting arrested. It could be just a simple thing like Ben calling the authorities on him but I have a crazy theory in when Ben goes out to kill Penny Sayid gets involved and tries to stop him and somehow he gets caught and with the power of fate he’s on the same plane like how our good pilot Lapidas is on. Maybe we will find out that Desmond gets back on the island to try to kill Ben for what he did. Who knows maybe he was on the plane? It would be a good surprise to see that other people got on the plane that we didn’t see. It could be a way that maybe Walt come back to the island as well.

    I’m usually on board with all the way out things that happen on the show but I thought it was a stretch that they had to create the same kind of flight in the beginning with locke replacing the dead body because the first flight must of had alot of people who both died in the crash and survived to be red shirts on the island and the plane looked pretty empty partly due to hurley buying out most of the seats.

    I thought they would just somehow use the plane to get to the island through one of the windows because how did the submarine leave and go back to the island. The only reason would be that the time flashes that was happening has caused them to have to not use the conventional way of doing it and had to duplicate the first crash.

    For the ending, this is my theory that only a handful of them like hurley, jack, kate, and maybe some others warped to that time period where the losties like Jin was. But the plane crashed or landed (Lapidas is a pretty good pilot) in a different time period on the island. This could explain that scene way back where the losties find the boats with the aijiri water bottles. A theory out there is the plane lands on the landing strip on the small island where the hydra station is and maybe they use the small boats to get from the small island to the big island.

    Too many theories, can’t wait for your feedback on all of this.

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