Jin speaks English! Charlotte speaks Klingon!

In the seventh episode of Jacob’s Cabin, I give the island’s perspective on the events of “This Place Is Death”, respond to a large volume of listener feedback, have a nice talk with Denise about the episode, and nominate two new characters for this week’s character award.

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4 responses to “Jin speaks English! Charlotte speaks Klingon!

  1. Donald

    Great Episode. I loved the Island diary segment, hope its a regular.

  2. annainindiana

    Thanks, Donald. I’m trying out different types of recaps, and so far I’ve just done whatever I’ve gotten “inspired” to do based on the feel of the episode.

  3. djchau

    I agree the island segment I enjoyed. Wondering if you could maybe do a diary segment of good old smokey or maybe even the dog Vincent. Would love to see whats going on in their head.

    Don’t know if you discussed this. But I re watched the latest episode and realized the information that Christian told locke before he turned the wheel is exactly the information Ben would need to do what he is doing now. I know alot of people were presuming that the reason Ben is working with ms. hawkings is that he knows her from his past connections with the island or dharma iniative. I think his meeting with locke is where this information was exchanged and Ben used the info to look for this woman who can help them get back to the island. Thats why he was surprised when he heard she was Farradays mother because all he knew about her was that she can help them get back. I’m tending to believe that the meeting with Locke and Ben which we will later find out will turn out to be the turning point of what convinced Ben to join Locke’s mission to bring them back and I have a feeling that somehow either he is connected to how Locke died or at least knows why it happened. And that his death is all part of a bigger plan set in motion by Ben and Locke.

  4. haley2009

    Nice blog, I just noticed its really well done.

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