“This Place Is Death” Discussion

“This Place Is Death”: prophetic words from the mouth of Charlotte! But has she really been killed off? Is there any way for them to save her?

It seems that Smokey can communicate with people. Does he talk? Or is there someone else underneath the temple (Christian Sheppard, Jacob)?

Why do the Oceanic Six still need to return to the island if Locke was able to jiggle the wheel back into place? Does it matter who returns, or just the number of people? (For instance, if Ben, Jack, Sun, Desmond, Penny, and Charlie were to go back together…that’s six!)

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7 responses to ““This Place Is Death” Discussion

  1. Jason

    Wow! I thought it was a really great episode! So much going on it is kind of hard to figure out what to say about it. A lot of flashes had everyone jumping all over the place. I don’t envy you Anna, if you are going to try to add the time skips in this episode to the chart you have been working on.
    I think I will just comment on the Rousseau part of the episode. I felt that what they showed was great, but it still left me wanting more. What they showed answered some questions about what Rousseau and her crew went through, and at the same time it kept it pretty mysterious. The big thing to me is I don’t understand why there was no mention of Jin by Rousseau in previous episodes. I mean Jin disappeared right in front of her. Crazy or not that seems like the kind of thing a person would remember!
    I wonder how other fans feel about the amount of time given to Rousseau in this episode. Again I thought what they did show was great, I am just still curious about that storyline. I guess in the end it was more about getting Jin reunited with Locke’s gang so they could connect Jin’s on island stuff with Sun and company’s off island stuff. And wasn’t it interesting that not only is this second time that Jin has survived a boating disaster but also one of the first losties he reunites with is Sawyer.
    Well there is so much more to say about this episode, but to take a line from Charlotte my head is a bit wobbly. Oh, and speaking of Charlotte, this show sure is hard on guest stars, or main cast for that matter.
    anyways….. later

  2. djchau

    Any episode with good old smokey is awesome. For me, my favorite two characters I love to see and want to know so much about are smokey and richard alpert.

    For the first part, the scene with smokey it seem reference around the ruins of the temple that the monster dates back way in time and is more connected to the island and not a nano experiment created by science. And that it was the direct connection to the sickness danielle was referring to that consume her people. The guy refers to the monster as a security system connected to the island and maybe one of its abilities is to take over bodies or at least has influence over them to accomplish some of its functions.

    For time effects of the show, I know the producers of the show say that everything is setup and they aren’t making this as they go. It looked like how this season is working out is that the losties going in the past causes things to happen. Locke tells richard about his birth causing him to go to his birth in the future and so on, Jin stops danielle from going in the smokey hole preventing her from being infected by the sickness, charlotte tells daniel about what him warning her as a kid to leave the island and not come back which will probably cause him to fulfill the event. So its interesting to look in future episodes to see what else the losties do in the past that fulfills the future events that will happen to create their present time.

    For Charlotte, it was sad to see her die but I think it won’t be the end of her story. As a actress, I think her part is done as adult charlotte but I believe in a future episode we will see daniel integrate himself in the dharma iniative like we see in the first scene of the first episode of this season and we will see the background on the story of the young charlotte and maybe if its true a young miles.

    The most interesting and headache giving part was the christian Shepard scene. Him telling locke he was suppose to do it and not ben caused this mess and its not really all about the six leaving is causing these time shifts is a bit complex. Maybe locke was meant to turn the wheel but when Ben did it, it somehow threw time out of wack. Maybe Ben knew this and after he realizes widmore is not following the rules so he decides to break the rules as well. And I’m guessing this is only a theory that when Ben goes to see Locke when he got off the island like Ben says he did and this is when Locke confronts Ben about how he tricked Locke in staying and him turning the donkey wheel has caused this huge mess. By the comments made by pierre chang and ms. hawkings is that this time skipping of the island result if not just about the losties dying like charlotte but it will cause like the end of the world. And maybe when Ben hears this gets the guilt trip of a lifetime and this is why he is turning on the flip side all of the sudden of getting his revenge on widmore to rounding up the six to get back to the island. I’m guessing he does know that the world is at stake but is hiding this information from the oceanic six just saying to them that they have to come back for the sake of the people they left behind.

    Love the podcast. Would love your theories on exactly what Christian Shepard is? Smokey, Jacob, a dead christian shepard?

  3. I’m not sure what to think about “the sickness” with Rousseau’s team. I was originally under the impression that there was no sickness, but Rousseau herself was going crazy. Which would be a nice twist, considering it contradicts the story we’ve heard, from her point of view. But from what I’m hearing, people think that Rousseau stressed the point enough that her team was acting different ever since they went down into the monster’s vent.

    So do I believe the supposed “infected” people or the mad woman. I guess we need to know more about what happened down in the smoke monster’s vent to draw a concussion.

    I’m also wondering what the bigger picture is for Ben. He’s has his own agenda and every word that comes out of this mouth is a lie at this point. So does he even care to get the O6 back, or is that something he needs to do to help himself with whatever he’s after. I’m now starting to think that Ben took Locke’s place in turning the wheel, just to jettison himself off the island to start tracking down Penny. Perhaps killing Penny is the bigger picture. But what we do know is Ben is cold and manipulative and that’s why he’s a fantastic character.

  4. Becky

    It didn’t seem to me that Rousseau is crazy when we see her in 1988. Maybe a little paranoid, but not crazy. I think she knew something wasn’t right with the rest of her team–and it was a pretty dramatic move to kill everyone she knew on the island. I wonder if we’ll get more scenes with the smoke monster soon. The security system explanation isn’t good enough for me and I want to know what it really is.

    I suppose that the well must have been there when Charlotte was a child on the island since she knew about it. But it seems strange that a child of the initiative would know about the Orchid station or the well. I wonder if it more supernatural that she knew what to tell Locke as he was heading to the Orchid.

    It did seem that perhaps the well was there and open until the Orchid station was built and at that point it was sealed off. So it’s possible that Charlotte was there when the Orchid was being built.

    So my theory is this:

    When Charlotte dies, Daniel and the other Losties are now in the time of the Dharma Initiative. At her death, Daniel finds the DI camp, suits up and “joins” the initiative. I think this is why we saw him in the very first scene of this season. He meets young Charlotte and is the scary man who tells her not to return to the island or else she’ll die.

  5. Evan Roberts

    Great blog Anna! I too am a huge lost fan. I love that Ian is contributing his artwork.

  6. annainindiana

    Evan! Good to hear from you. And good to hear that you’re a Lost fan, too! It’s almost as important as being a Braves fan. I absolutely love Ian’s artwork! It’s made me twice as excited about the podcast.

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