In Which I Make an Appearance on the No Payne, No Glory Podcast

Anna In IndianaIf you’ve ever checked out Mister Payne’s podcast No Payne, No Glory, then you know that he tries to get around to interviewing all the other LOST podcasters.
I recently had the privilege of being interviewed by him and the interview is included in Mister Payne’s most recent podcast. You can download the podcast here, or visit Mister Payne’s website.
Many thanks to Mister Payne for having me on his show! It was fun, even if I am not well-versed in current pop culture…for which reason we spent part of the time talking about books. We talk a little about LOST, but mostly about life and other things, so if you want to get to know me better, you can check out the interview.



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3 responses to “In Which I Make an Appearance on the No Payne, No Glory Podcast

  1. Persia

    Hey that’s awesome!

  2. tinythebodyguard

    Loved your interview on the No Payne podcast Anna. I just found your podcast on the LPN feed and I have to say yours and Donalds are the only 2 new ones I listen to regularly. Great job. I also know what you mean about TV, I would much rather spend time with friends then watch TV all day, well besides Lost of course! Keep up the good work!

  3. Donald

    Great Interview. Thanks for the shout out!

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