The Little Prince – Discussion

What did you think of “The Little Prince”? What an episode! It looks like things are finally staring to come together to get the Oceanic 6 back to the island, though I think there will be a few more bumps in the road.

I’m happy that most of the flashes have, in some way or another, told us when they are. Now we know that when they flashed away from 1954, they flashed forward to a point one month after flight 815 crashed. (I hadn’t remembered that Aaron’s birth and Boone’s death occurred on the same night.) And then the next flash took them back about sixteen years to the point where Rousseau’s team had just crashed on the island.

What’s going on with the nosebleeds? The count is three people now: Charlotte, Miles, and Juliet. Is it because they all have something in common? Or is it just random? The conversation between Miles and Daniel was great, and Daniel strongly hinted that Miles has been on this island before.

There was a big focus on relationships in this episode: friends, enemies, who is on whose side, bringing people together, keeping an eye on people, truth about relationships. Yet what connects all these people to the island, and what will their return have to do with fixing the time jumps?

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4 responses to “The Little Prince – Discussion

  1. djchau

    I thought it was a good episode. I liked the on island storyline better probably just because that storyline gets us to learn more about the mysteries and history of the island. The storyline off island was okay but it was filled with twists and turns just put in there just to mess with the viewers like the lawyer meeting with claires mother is suppose to make you believe she was behind it and then kates address sayid found so you might think she’s involved somehow.

    The flashes were good. The sawyer scene really added to his realization that Daniel was right of the past is the past. Before he wanted to go to the hatch and didn’t care about changing the past but now he realizes how important things are to be left the way it is. Especially the conversation with Locke how he says he wouldn’t have changed anything what happened to him with the hatch made him who is now. Which makes a good point of how even though bad stuff happens , at the end thier is a good side to things. Its like if they had a chance to prevent themselves from going on the plane in the beginning. I’m sure some would say yes but I’m sure people like sawyer and Locke would say like it was a bad thing that happened but living on the island was a good turn for their lives.

    For the other flashes, the one that they are in the future what it looks like finding the camp deserted and boats filled with ajira bottles. This is my theory on that the other group was the oceanic six who finally got back to the island who were shooting at them. And in a future episode you will see the other side of their perspective chasing after the losties thinking that they were the enemy. Then the flash to the past with the danielle team crashing to the island is going to be interesting. How Jin got off the boat safe and sound is just a leap of faith that the viewer has to make I guess and that he’s been floating in the water flashing with the losties. He is one lucky SOB. I know the point is going to come out how come Danielle doesn’t recognize Jin during the present time when she met him. I’m guessing what made her crazy probably caused her memory to go on the backburner and her not recognizing Jin is just part of her going nuts. Her storyline explained will be a interesting part of the show. I know alot of people are kinda mix in how the show this season is filled with time travel but I have to support the writers genius in this was probably the best and only good way to explain all the history of the island without using the method of flashbacks.

    For the nosebleeds, I think its pretty much has to do with what daniel said of how the brain is basically having a hard time adjusting to the time jumps like in the constant with the mouse. And his explanation of how the longer you have spent on the island works out and eludes to the question of Miles and Charlottes past proving that they have been on the island before probably as kids. And then Juliette having it works out because besides the losties she has spent the most time on the island. But it begs the question of what is the difference between her and the others that is causing her to jump but not the rest of the group of the others. And what about the other losties the others kidnap especially the children are they jumping as well?
    But seeing this happening to the whole group and not just Charlotte probably is the thing that Locke refers to when he gets off island of if they don’t come back to fix this all the losties will die eventually.

    For the Sun storyline, I think she pretty much in the beginning wants to get out to kill Ben and that is her motive for working with widmore. Knowing the resources widmore has I’m sure he’s keeping track of what Ben is doing and who he is working with. So widmore probably said he’s been working with Jack which explains the scene where sun says she doesn’t blame kate for Jin’s death and then goes so how is Jack. So I’m guessing at that point she doesn’t trust jack and at the end of the episode I’m thinking she was now really pissed off thinking that they are all working together. And that the only way Ben is going to convince her to come back was the hope to get back with Jin.

    This is my theory of how Ben knows Jin is alive. It has been said when Danielle had her baby the others quickly kidnap her presumably by the others. Maybe during that time Ben sees Jin with that group on now of what happened after he turned the donkey wheel he is connecting the dots of maybe what happened to the losties.

    Best parts of the show was one sawyer thanking god when they flash to get away from the people shooting at them and then flash to a thunderstorm saying I take it back. Classic Sawyer.

    Love the podcast can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the show.

  2. Shawny Nevill

    I enjoyed the episode immensely. I also enjoy the way the spell check corrects my spelling on this comment section. I was wondering, did you watch the episode live? If so, were you angry at the fact that they interrupted the lost episode with a 3 minute part of the Life after Mars episode that was coming up next? Or the “Lost Untangled”, that was previewed during the airing of “the little prince”, which aired during Life on Mars, yet was only a recap of the last episode with action figures? Just wondering, awesome podcast.

  3. Shawny Nevill

    Also, I believe that the nosebleeds are the time travel sickness that killed Minkowski. I also believe that it is the same sickness that kills most of Reuseau’s crew.

  4. Simon

    Anna, do you think that the reason Miles was selected for the mission on the freighter was to be able to communicate with Jacob without having to be “chosen”?

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