Jugheadius Maximus

In episode 5 of Jacob’s Cabin, I give my list of “Top Ten Reasons I Would Not Want to be a Character in This Episode”, give my thoughts on the episode, respond to listener feedback, discuss elements of the episode further with Denise, and suggest three character for this week’s character award. Visit the polls page or click here to vote!

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As always, I appreciate your feedback!
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6 responses to “Jugheadius Maximus

  1. I think I liked your omission of the recap, simply because so many other podcast do the recap and now that lost is back, with some many podcasts, it’s like, ‘okay we got it’. I liked the segment where you just focus on what you thought were points of interest in the episode and your impressions of what’s going on.

    The back and forth between you and your friend is really good. Bouncing theories off another person is always great to hear. Kind of like one of my favorite Lost podcasts, Behind the Cutting Edge. Where it’s just a couple guys bouncing their theories and impressions off each other.

    But keep up the good work, because you’re doing a great job.

  2. djchau

    I liked the new format you had for the show. I agree with the other comments how with the recap before it ran long but I liked how you did a segment of like list of ten things and just focused on the main points of the show that needed discussion on or was important to point out.

    I think people who listen to the podcasts are ones who have seen the show and doesn’t need the whole episode recap and love podcasts like this that discuss the mysteries of the show.

    The best scene of the jughead episode I thought was when Locke realizes that guy is Charles Widmore. Can you imagine what was going on in his head of like crap I let this guy get away where I could have shot and killed him and prevented all the mess that happened. But knowing how they say things have a way of working out and you can’t change the past the gun would have jammed or the bullet would just bounce off him like superman.

  3. jojobean

    Great show! I appreciate the effort to drop the recap and try other things. I think it worked well.

  4. BeckyD

    Anna, I started listening to your podcast last week! It’s good 🙂

    I agree about not needing the recap and liked your top 10.

  5. dave lopez

    A summery is better than a recap definetly go with that & keep up the good work.

  6. Shawny Nevill

    I enjoyed you leaving out the complete recap, but including a recap of important events. I think there is a healthy medium between full recap and no recap.

    I just found this podcast through the Lost Podcast Network, and it is easily in my top 5 favorite podcasts about lost, including Darltons. Keep up the good work

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