Dharma manuals?

I just noticed this. I haven’t had time to listen to all the podcasts from last week yet, so I don’t know if anyone else has pointed this out, but does Ms. Hawking have her desk full of Dharma binders, to either side of her computer? See screencap below.

Ms. Hawking has Dharma manuals?

Ms. Hawking has Dharma manuals?



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3 responses to “Dharma manuals?

  1. It sure looks like they could be Dharma binders. Maybe I should make a Dharma binder for my school stuff!

  2. Great find!! I haven’t heard anyone else bring this to attention yet. I’ve only heard the ‘Light House’ Dharma logo on Hawking’s computer, pointed out.

  3. annainindiana

    After I posted this, I was listening to someone who mentioned it…I think it was Karen on the ODI Lost podcast. No detail escapes Karen! The fact that Ms. Hawking has these binders is somewhat comforting after we saw that treasure trove of binders at the Flame station explode (Enter 77). Now we know that not all of that knowledge was lost after all…

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