1954 – The Year of the Jughead

Jacob’s Cabin wants to hear YOUR thoughts on episode 5×3 of Lost, “Jughead”.

Where did “Jughead” come from? (Country? Sponsor?)
Is “Jughead” still on the island? Do you think we’ll see it in the future?
Who is the young blonde woman, “Ellie”?
What did you think of Locke’s interaction with Richard?
Any thoughts on Widmore’s connection to the island?
Do you think Charlotte’s life can be saved?
What other theories are you working on?

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5 responses to “1954 – The Year of the Jughead

  1. djchau

    I’m guessing the bomb is just like they said from the us army. Probably back them they tested the bombs on so called deserted islands and I guess wanted to use their island as a test bomb site.

    I’m guessing like Faraday said that since the island is ok in the future than somehow the bomb was taken care of or at least didn’t explode but I have the feeling it will be used or at least referenced in the future. Maybe the leak will somehow relate to why the island is out of sync in time or relate to the so called incident that’s been referred to a lot that happened on the island. Maybe that’s what was sealed behind concrete in the swan and somehow the leak mixed with the special energy of the island caused the incident causing the creation of the swan to be used to control the energy being released.

    For Ellie I’m thinking she’s faradays mother. Charles widmore seems to have some sort of knowledge of faradays mother which seems to still be pointing to miss hawkings . At the end of the second episode you see her in that computer station with references to dharma and she knows an awful lot about the island so I’m guessing she was an other just like how charles widmore seems to be. And I’m guessing that’s why Charles Widmore knows so much about miss hawkings is because she was a other just like him who maybe left the island.

    Locke telling him about his birth pretty much leads to the point of how and why Richard was there for his birth. And I’m guessing since Locke said he was going to be their leader that’s what gets Richard started on his recruiting techniques and visits to Locke throughout his life. Richard said the process of choosing a leader starts from early childhood so I’m guessing Richard takes him for his word and since his birth starts to test Locke to be the leader of the others.

    I’m guessing Widmore story is your typical story of a man who wanted to get to the top. It looks like there is already tension between widmore and richard. I’m guessing that widmore is the kind of guy who probabaly wanted to take charge of what was going on and kept disagreeing with how Richard was handling things and probably got really mad when his maybe opportunity came to lead the others Richard decided to take on Ben as the new leader and somehow Widmore left the island on his own or was removed and was resentful ever since.

    I hope Charlotte can be saved but then again I also hoped Michael was going to come back with a great story to Lost so what do I know. Maybe her story has runs its course and her death will reveal something more to the island and the time jumps.

    Just some theories I have that may pan out. We will learn that Sayid was tricked by Ben to kill Penny and thats what turned him against Ben again. Another is Widmore is the one who created the Dharma Iniative and brought it to the island. Maybe he for the time being was in charge and convinced the others that the dharma iniative was a good thing for the island and that they were doing good things with thier experiment but when the others found out the true purpose of their experiments in exploiting the island they turned their back on Widmore and the dharma iniative. I mean I don’t think there is no way that the others just sat back and let the dharma iniative set up shop with all these stations and barracks without any resistance. When the US army got there they seem to quickly said go or we will make you go and then they pretty much took care of them. Just like they did to the losties with the rain of fire.

  2. Persia

    I know thisis too late but I still think tht Ellie is Faraday’s mom and that it’s really Eloise. Like his rat. And if that is all true then I still think that Widmore and Ellie are Faraday’s parents.

  3. Jughead is an actually bomb that was to be tested in 1954 in the south pacific. For some reason it never was tested. This is probably late but I just found it on Wikipedia.

  4. annainindiana

    The real reason it was never tested…it moved with the island!
    Yeah, Denise and I looked up the year 1954 to see what else was going on back then. There seemed to be quite a few things that we could link to Lost.
    1954 also makes Widmore older than I originally thought. He was probably 18 then? So he’d be 72 in 2008, our current “present time” on the show. Penny doesn’t look too very old, maybe late 30s, so he (well, you know, Penny’s mom) must have had her late 30s, early 40s. And given that Penny is alive…she must not have been born on the island, so Widmore also must have been off-island by that point.

  5. Philip

    Hey again!

    Was thrilled to hear my comments read on your podcast, however your thoughtful logic to my points did make me question some of my issues from the first episodes.

    So, in summary now, everyone thinks that the have this Lost thing sussed, with Farraday related to everyone! (Widmore / Eloise), Charlottes parents must be on the island at some point prior to her time jumping, hence the nose bleeds (and everyone second guessing who they are) and second guessing how widmore left the island. However that just all too easy, there will still be a twist, the writing is too clever to answer 20 – 30% of the shows mysteries in the first 3 episodes of the the 5th season.

    I’ve only watched the episode once, and will watch again tonight, but am i right in thinking that the interaction between Richard and Locke, (with Richard not knowing John) kind of lead us to believe that this was the first instance richard has been involved in people travelling in time? and that he was unaware that it was possible? if it is, then the irony that it is the remaining survivors that are in the know, at certain points and the hostiles / others being exposed to the change in events is laugh out loud funny, given that we have spent well over 4 1/2 years wondering how these people had the upper hand!

    Also i wanted to comment on the Widmore / Desmond scenario. Would Widmore give up Farraday’s mothers location no questions asked? surely Desmond would no be so naive to believe he would, given their past encounters.

    Also, If (as is being touted) both Widmore and Eloise are Farradays parents, and Ben is working with Mrs Hawking, what is her relationship with the 2 men? When Ben broke into Widmore’s room you got the impression that although adversaries, they had never met face to face before, yet she in the more recent timelines appears to be working with Ben, so that would throw weight that Widmore’s intention for the island are not in the islands best interests.
    Was she not also cited as a ‘course corrector’ in a previous season, possibly on behalf of the island?

    Again more questions than answers. Loving your work, look forward to your next show.

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