Event Window Determined

LOST Season 5 is off to a running start, and so is Jacob’s Cabin! Episode four takes a detailed look at “Because You Left” (5×1) and “The Lie” (5×2), the Season 5 premiere episodes. There are four main segments in this episode: preliminary discussion and commentary on the episodes, listener feedback and comments, a discussion with a special guest (hopefully to become a regular for this segment!), and character awards with new nominees. Vote here for the character awards.

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Additional Questions for Thought:

  • Why does the time of day change every time they move in time? (They go back and forth between day and night.)
  • What was in the package that Ben removed from the air vent?
  • Is there any significance to the fact that Miles can hear dead animals as well?
  • Is their a connection between the fact that the island can move in time, and their pregnancy issues?
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4 responses to “Event Window Determined

  1. Roger

    Hey Anna,
    I know this does not have much to do with season 5 exactly but I thought about it when I heard one of your listener’s feedback last podcast.
    This is my theory on how the Others know so much about the Losties and have so much information on their private life.
    We know Richard Alpert is a time traveller, and I assume that he knows a lot about traveling, so I think that when the plane crashed, Ben sent Ethan to find out names, when Ethan returned with names, Ben told Richard to go back in time and research the Losties of interest. We know that Richard followed Locke at many points in his life, what’s to say that he didn’t do the same for Jack, Kate, Sayid, Sawyer etc. so they could find out information on them which could not be found by a simple Google search, then Ben used this information to manipulate them on the island. Also, we know that Matthew Abbadon played an instrumental role in getting John Locke onto the island, and a big question is how did Abbadon know that the plane was going to crash? My theory is: This Matthew Abbadon who persuaded Locke to go walkabout was from the future and was sent back to make sure that Locke crashed on the island. Maybe he had some part in other Losties crashing on the island as well.
    Just a thought,
    Thanks for listening, love your podcast
    Roger all the way from Australia

  2. djchau

    Just wanted to respond to a good theory from roger from Australia. Like the idea of how Ben maybe sent richard through time. I’m maybe thinking widmore is the one who ordered abbadon to make sure locke gets sent to the island becuase he knew maybe somehow that locke was meant to replace Ben and knowing how he hates ben wanted locke to do that.

    I’m guessing that time is still constant when the losties jump back and forth. So if they started in the day in the past and they jump in the future. When they jump back its not going to be a like a second after they left , time still goes on and they come back a couple of hours later. Its like your comment on the chronicles of narnia of how time is different in two places where 30 min in one place is like maybe three hours in another place.

    knowing Ben whatever in the package is no good , maybe a little surprise for widmore or most likely something they need to get back to the island knowing how careful he was moving it.

    It looks like he can be special kinda like hurley where hurley sees dead people but miles can only hear them.

    For the pregnant people, maybe some sort of time flux causes life from being created on the island. But it begs to question so is it only humans or can animals not reproduce on the island as well.

    Wanted to ask you a question if you had any thoughts on it. In the Jacobs cabin episode , Ben says he didn’t give the order to kill all the dharma iniative and says that he’s not always in charge. Who do you think gave the order to kill them? Widmore? Richard? Jacob?

  3. jojobean


    This is more a comment on the podcast as a show then about Lost.

    I think I might enjoy your podcast more if you skipped the long recap of the episode. Having found your podcast from listening to other podcasts that already do recaps it seems unneeded. The main reason I listen is for your well thought out insightful comments. I’d rather see you craft the show around that than following the structure of other shows.

    Anyway just my 2 cents. Good luck with the show either way.

  4. annainindiana

    thanks for your input, jojobean. i have received other feedback similar to yours and am definitely considering revamping the recap segment, possibly cutting it down to a list of major events or some other style of super-short recap, so that i can focus more on theories, etc. as i (hopefully) receive more listener feedback/comments, that can become a longer segment as well. thanks for listening and for commenting!

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