Because You Left/The Lie

What did you think of “Because You Left” and “The Lie”?

How did you feel about seeing Frogurt? Ana Lucia? Ethan?

There are lots of “who” questions…who is Faraday’s mother? Who attacked the beach? Who were those guys that grabbed Sawyer and Juliet (their uniforms looked like they could have been the earliest DI prototypes)? Who is the woman in the butcher shop, and how does she know Ben?

70 hours? Why? Where? How? Why after three years off-island does it all come down to 70 hours? Does it have something to do with Locke’s body in the casket?

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2 responses to “Because You Left/The Lie

  1. djchau

    I think both episodes were very entertaining. I did have to get use to the new format where I guess instead of flashbacks of a character it like off island and on island. The first episode seem to be more of show to throw alot of new info at us especially of the aftermath of whats going on and the second espisode was back to looking at the characters. I love a show where you can get fully entertained but at the end you go what actually happened.

    I think the cameos were great in probably the producers bringing in characters that people have shown interest in as a gift for the viewers for staying with the show. Frogurt getting nailed after his rant was priceless. Ethan I always liked as a character but now is confused and wondering if he met locked back in the past would he have recognized him when they met in the present. It’s like that question a while back if richard met locke as a kid wouldn’t locke have recognized him. Maybe in the future we will find out that richard finds the ability to control a time jump and thats how he is able to jump around time looking the same age.

    This is just a guess but I think Faradays mother is the same lady at the end of the episode of the Lie becuase she seems very intelligent like him and knew what was happening to Desmond during flashed before your eyes. Maybe Desmond is special like she said and thats how I guess Faraday is using the jedi mind tricks to send messages off island to Desmond which I thought was a cool way of doing it.

    The ex military type guys seem to be dharma but was awfully violent. The arrows could have come from the hostiles. The people in the butcher shop could be others ben have recruited who have been off island and now is helping him because they know just like Ben that the island has changed and needs the people to go back to fix it.

    The 70 hours seems to techincal for me to guess. Maybe time window for them to jump through in order to get to the island on the right timeline. The spooky part of the episodes is when Ben keeps refering to Lockes body like he knows more than he’s telling like he’s not really completely dead and if things aren’t done in time or right something is going to happened to the body.

  2. Donald

    Hi Anna, one thing in particular I would like you to discuss is changing the past. I will talk a little about it as well in m show but I want to hear what you think. We see Locke kill at last one of the jumpsuited men. Would this not be considered changing things? We know Desmond is immune to the rules, but is Locke as well? We also see him interact with Ethan which means Ethan knew of Locke before 815 crashed, could this be the reason everyone was waiting for Locke? Locke told Ethan that he was to replace Ben, so this could explain why ben would want Locke out of the picture.

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