More Timeline Thoughts

So I think I finally found what was bugging me, scratching at the back of my brain, about the timeline of events that unfolds in “There’s No Place Like Home pt. 2”.

  • Ben stabs Keamy
  • Keamy dies –> light turns red –> there should be five minutes of liquid nitrogen left
  • Ben says good bye to Locke and tells him he can find Richard 2 MILES away
  • Locke is somehow talking with Richard at the Others camp when the island moves

I guess my issue is, how did Locke travel two miles in five minutes…ten minutes, tops? I suppose the battery would have taken a few minutes to thaw, even after the liquid nitrogen ran out. However, those on the freighter sure acted as though they only had five minutes; when the chopper landed, they knew they had only a short time, and the chopper only just left in time, so their guess was pretty accurate. An Olympic athlete couldn’t even run two miles in five minutes, so how did Locke do it? Something about this had been bothering me for a while, but I just figured it out last night while I was listening to Donald is Lost’s review of Season 4.

Now that I’ve figured this out, I can go into Season 5 with peace of mind. Only one more week!


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