Hey, Kenny Rogers!

Jacob’s Cabin episode 3 is now available for download here or through itunes subscriptions! In this episode I take a (rather lengthy) look at “There’s No Place Like Home, pt. 2”, the Lost Season 4 finale, respond to listener comments, and try to place the events around the moving of the island into a clearer timeline (see picture below–I think all this action only takes about 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops in real-time). I also nominate three Losties for this installment’s character award–vote here!

Got feedback? Theories? Ideas? Suggestions? Get in touch with me by leaving a comment, writing to anna.in.indiana@gmail.com, or calling 646-495-9205 ext. 35382. I really would love to hear more from all of you out there, so don’t be shy!



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One response to “Hey, Kenny Rogers!

  1. Great Episode Thanks for the shout out. I have a theory, but by the time you will be able to address it Season 5 will have started and I will know whether I am right or not. My theory is that the Island did not go into past during the Dharma era like most people assume from the Comic Con video. I think it is moving around in time and never really staying for too long. I base this upon knowing that if the Island had landed in the past in a permanent location it would not have disappeared and it would have landed on itself.

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