All the Best Podcasts Have Distribution Issues

Hey everyone! A new podcast will be coming soon! jc_logo_small1 However, before that can happen, a few changes have to take place. I have discovered that, while a great idea, is not sufficient for the needs of this podcast. The inability to link directly to the mp3 file meant that you guys could not download the file directly from the Lost Podcasting Network. In order to make access as easy as possible for you all, I will be hosting my podcast at LibSyn effective immediately. This will also provide reliable access to the podcast through itunes.Within the next few days, you should be able to search for Jacob’s Cabin within itunes’ podcast directory.

For now, you can find all available podcasts on this Talkshoe page or download the mp3 file here.

Sorry for the inconvenience! It seems best to make this change as soon as possible, in the youthful days of Jacob’s Cabin.

Thanks to all those who have left feedback and comments! I am still very new at this and I appreciate your contributions. Happy New Year!


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