“There’s No Place Like Home” part 1 of 2 Discussion

This was an action-packed episode that had our favorite losties moving all over the place: around the island, from freighter to beach, from beach to freighter…and at the end, our Oceanic 6 are spread out all over! I remember wondering last spring how they were going to get those six back together, not to mention separated from some of their other companions, in order to be the only six that got rescued.

What are your thoughts on this episode?

  • What did you think about Ben giving himself over to Keamy? Does he really have a plan?
  • What did you make of the fact that the crackers in the box are 15 years old? What happened 15 years ago to make Ben (by himself? with the former leader of the Others?) go to the Orchid station?
  • What did you think/feel when Sun and Jin climb aboard the freighter to find themselves face to face with Michael?
  • During the flash forward, did you notice anything strange in the way Sun and Jack interacted?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment here or email me at anna.in.indiana@gmail.com.
I will be out of town with no internet until Thursday. Leave me some theories and ideas to come back to!


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One response to ““There’s No Place Like Home” part 1 of 2 Discussion

  1. djchau

    With Locke coming into play as the new leader of the others and Ben’s place slowly fading in the back as it seemed in the episode the shape of things to come I think he then realizes that after the death of his so-called daughter he pretty much gives up the pursuit of trying to keep his position as the leader and take on a new task of going against widmore. In the season finale, he could as easily let locke turn the donkey wheel so he could get rid of him but did it himself becuase maybe he knew locke needed to stay and wanted to get off the island to start his crusade against widmore. We already see him recruit sayid to start his offense against widmore and then helping jack to get back to the island. People might wonder why would he be helping jack but who knows that by helping jack just helps himself with his fight against widmore. Maybe his plan now is not really about saving the island but more on making sure widmore is stopped and maybe getting some revenge that included killing his daughter.

    For the crackers, maybe way back in the past when the DI was still active the box is what he used to communicate with richard when he needed to without the DI knowing. And maybe it was fifteen years ago when he last used it to contact richard and the others.

    I was kind of disappointed with the scenes with sun, jin, and Michael. It was like he gave that small explanation of how he got back to the real world and now he is back to help them and then later on in the scene it was like okay all is forgiven. I do bare in mind that for time wise the writers want you to presume that maybe they talked more about it and we just didn’t see it for time purposes so we have to have a leap of faith that whatever they talked about. Jin and Sun trust Michael. Still I was dispointed in Jin at the end when the bomb turned red and he said he would stay and help. Come on he has a wife upstairs whose pregnant yet they let desmond go up who is the bomb expert. I know they did that way for plot purposed so we can ponder if Jin is alive or not but come on.

    I think in the beginning when they got back to the real world Sun was still upset and shocked of what happened. Her husband did just die and Jack wants them to lie about it. Jack is basically saying I know you are sad but suck it up and get over it and lie about everything. I don’t think she blames Jack for jin’s death but I think she’s upset that Jack is forcing her to make this lie. Keep in mind She has experience lying in the past about speaking english, affair, etc.. and knows the consequences of it so forcing her to do another big lie especially how her husband died wasn’t easy for her.

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